Now Reading Will Soon Allow Ad Support For Millions Of Users Will Soon Allow Ad Support For Millions Of Users

Federated Media PublishingAutomattic, the parent company of the WordPress platform and announced on Wednesday that they have teamed up with ad professionals Federated Media to provide ad placement on users blogs.

The announcement was made at Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco and according to both company’s the program will allow brands and advertisers to target participating site owners to reach relevant audiences based on relevant site content.

Speaking about the partnership Federated Media CEO Deanna Brown said the new system is built on “relevance of scale” since an advertiser can choose to work with several thousand or several million websites all at one time. 

Brown says:

“We’re bringing contextual advertising to highly desirable audiences.”

Under the partnership the two company’s will split revenue earned from the blog platform.

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It should be noted that the ad platform isn’t an “all in” for WordPress users, Federated Media will still retain full rights to their tech blogging space, their most profitable sector and they will also pick and choose their larger content producers as they always have.

With this new announcement WordPress also announced that they now power 15% of websites found on the web, a 9% increase from 2010. Automattic CEO Tony Schneider also revealed that 22% of all new website registrations are also now using WordPress as their CMS of choice.


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