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WordPress Declares Mobile Supremacy, Boasts 1 Million Users

WordPress Declares Mobile Supremacy, Boasts 1 Million Users

After unveiling their Nokia app to the world, Automattic (the company behind WordPress) has announced that they have now surpassed one million mobile users.

We just passed 1 million mobile users across all platforms, which is not only a huge landmark for us, but for mobile blogging altogether. Cell phones are becoming our new personal computers, always with us and always ready when something needs blogging about. Each day thousands of posts are written and posted using nothing but a wee phone keyboard and a built-in camera. It’s truly about capturing the moment, and as smart phones are becoming more popular we’re trying to stay with you with your platform of choice. (Official WordPress Blog)

Aside from Nokia, Automattic has been aggressively courting smartphones overall as the company has previously launched apps for Android, iOS and Blackberry devices (all who now support video uploading and comment moderation).

The company is also rumored to be working on webOS (for Palm Pre) and Windows Phone 7 apps as well, which should help strengthen WordPress’s status as the global leader in mobile blogging.

While Automattic’s rivals (like Tumblr and Typepad) have yet to release official stats regarding the state of their mobile users, it’s probably safe to assume that WordPress mobile users dwarfs their rivals (at least upon iOS, Blackberry and Android devices).

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It will be interesting to see whether WordPress can maintain its crown as the mobile king, with competitors like Posterous entering the mobile arena with official apps of their own.

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