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WordPress Ignores iPhone, Updates Android App

WordPress Ignores iPhone, Updates Android App

Apparently the boys and girls at Automattic (the company behind WordPress) have secretly fallen in love with Google’s grandchild Android, and have blessed the WordPress Android app with several new features (all of them desired by their iBrother).

You can now view your blog’s stats right from your phone! Go to the fourth tab in the App, and check it out: You can see your page views, post views, referrers, search terms, and clicks — all in real time! There’s also an easy-to-read line chart for your page views[.]

Save time by moderating several comments at once with the new “bulk edit” feature. Simply click the checkbox next to the comments you want to moderate followed by the status button that you want to apply.

You can now create your posts with stylized text using the new visual editor! We’ve added new formatting buttons, including strikethrough and underline. (WordPress for Android Blog)

Adding stats to the WordPress app fulfills Automattic’s promise made to Android fans in February.

Combined with video support, WYSIWYG editor and comment moderation, WordPress for Android is officially the most powerful blogging app across any smartphone (to the horror of iFans everywhere).

Even the WordPress for Blackberry app doesn’t compare to its Google sibling (at least until the next update as both platforms have been “leap frogging” ahead of each other).

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Thus far iPhone lovers can only simulate the joy of their Droid and “crackberry” friends by spending $11 across 3 iPhone apps which will allow them to upload videos (via YouTube), view their WP stats, and last (but not least) utilize a WYSIWYG editor.

iJealousy aside, currently WordPress continues to dominate the blogging scene on Android, as most (if not all) of their rivals have yet to create an official app to compete against Automattic (although Squarespace might enter the arena in order to curb defection towards WP).

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