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WordPress Porting Gravatar Hovercards For The Rest Of Us

WordPress Porting Gravatar Hovercards For The Rest Of Us

Not too long ago, Automattic launched WordPress Gravatars for users, which turn your comment avatar into a virtual business card.

It’s now easy to find out about who is behind your favorite comments simply by moving your mouse.  This new feature is now enabled by default across […]

You can see other people’s Hovercards by moving your mouse over their Gravatar picture in comments on any blog, and after a moment the Hovercard will appear. The information shown is taken directly from the person’s Gravatar profile. The more info in the profile, the more we show in the Hovercard.

This can help you when moderating comments, as Hovercards will appear not only on blogs, but inside your blog dashboard as well. (Official WordPress Blog)

While Automattic’s Gravatar refreshing could potentially kill off Google Profiles, thus far the feature was only available for about half of the WordPress universe as self hosting fans were mostly out of luck.

After several inquires from commenters, it looks like Automattic will be porting this feature for the rest of the WP universe.

Hey, what’s the chance of getting this as a plugin for self-hosted blogs? (Mike Schinkel)

We’ll be bringing this to self-hosted blogs in the very near future. (Andy Peatling of Automattic)

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Currently users can enable Gravatar Hovercards via a hack (for you geeks out there), although most users not familiar with PHP should probably wait for an official update.

Despite being a WordPress product, Gravatars are one of the few Automattic services extensively used beyond the WP empire, as platforms like b2evolution, Textpattern, Drupal and Movable Type (the latter 2 via modules and plugins, respectively) have also heavily embraced Gravatars.

While Automattic will probably dedicate its resources to ensure that Gravatars work upon WP blogs, hopefully the hovercard feature is easily exportable elsewhere, as it could help strengthen Gravatars as the de facto internet profile online.

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