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WordPress Quietly Creating Windows Phone 7 App

WordPress Quietly Creating Windows Phone 7 App

After posting an opening upon their jobs board in July, it looks like Automattic (the company behind WordPress) is quietly building a Windows Phone 7 app.

Users visiting will be greeted by a protected blog screen which requires users to type in a special password in order to view the contents of the site.

This follows a similar pattern when WordPress was working on their Android app, which could signal Automattic’s plans on strengthening WordPress’s mobile dominance by courting Windows Phone 7 before rivals have a chance to launch an official app upon the platform.

Thus far only Tumblr via a third party app has embraced Microsoft’s smartphone, although truth be told the app seems to be rather limited when compared against its official brethren (note: that has more to do with Windows Phone 7’s limitations than the developers).

Currently WordPress has launched official apps upon iOS, Android, Blackberry and even Nokia, although there is no word on whether the company is actively pursuing a Palm Pre app.

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With smartphone expected to surpass PC and laptop sales by 2012, WordPress’s strategy of heavily embracing the mobile apps could help the company finally surpass Blogger by Google who (according to Quantcast) retains the crown as king of the blog platforms.

Update: Edited one word for clarity.

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