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WordPress To Group Bloggers: Here’s Another Reason To Use WP

WordPress To Group Bloggers: Here’s Another Reason To Use WP

Automattic (the company behind WordPress) has launched a new feature for users that will appeal to sites blogging with multiple authors.

Today we’re introducing a new panel to your stats page, Top Authors.

Here’s how it works: all the posts that were visited during the day are counted up, divided by who wrote them. The author with the most visits across all his or her posts of the day, gets the top spot. Interestingly, the top spot is not about who wrote the most posts, it’s about which author wrote the posts that got the most visits.

To see each author’s posts, you can click the little plus icon to expand and reveal just what stories earned them their points of the day. (Official WordPress Blog)

Note: Emphasis theirs.

Combined with Email Post Changes, Automattic’s new feature should help WordPress maintain its edge as the leading blog platform for group blogs.

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While not everyone will enjoy this feature (at least as far as the non-competitive types go), it should help provide more analytics for stat geeks, as well as help group bloggers determine which authors bring in the most eyeballs.

The feature is already live for users, although Automattic is planning on releasing this feature within the pending WP Stats plugin update (which should appear in the “not-so-distant future” according to Automattic).

Image Credit: Norebbo

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