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WordPress Upgrades Publicize To Facebook App

WordPress Upgrades Publicize To Facebook App

WordPress has upgraded a feature for blogs that allows users to share images from blog posts to their Facebook friends without have to dabble with third party software.

Starting today, however, we’ll cherish your images as much as we already do your text and video; when sending a Facebook Profile update, will include any image you upload to the post. Image support was the #1 most requested feature for Publicize: Facebook, and we’re happy we finally got around to it[.] (Official WordPress Blog)

Although you can already have your blog posts Facebooked via RSS Graffiti, Google’s FeedBurner or even Facebook’s note importer (images included), the upgraded Publicize to Facebook app displays a cleaner layout which may help turn your Facebook friends into regular blog readers.

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Thus far the app only allows up to 5 images to be presented on your wall, a limit which should satisfy most WP bloggers (unless you’re a heavy photo blogger of course).

WordPress users who choose to self host their blogs can install the Network Publisher plugin to receive a similar result upon their respective Facebook walls.

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