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WordPress vs Wix: 10 Key Differences to Consider 

WordPress vs Wix: 10 Key Differences to Consider 

wordpress vs wix

Both Wix and WordPress offer entrepreneurs like you a wide array of options and features to help your business grow, but what are the differences when going head to head: WordPress vs Wix? 

What is Wix?

Drag and drop platform. Arguably the easiest platform to get started on. Incredibly user-friendly with no technical experience required. Better suited for smaller websites. Endless templates to get started with ease and convenience. 

What is WordPress?

You can download and use WordPress for free. You can of course buy add-ons, but the bare bones of this platform are free. WordPress is not only for bloggers, you can use it to build an eCommerce site, forums, portfolios resumes, and more. It has fairly user-friendly software, though there is a learning curve in the beginning. With tons of plugins and options for optimized growth, it is suitable for websites of any size. 

Key Differences When Comparing WordPress vs Wix

  • Website Builder vs Content Management System (CMS)

Wix is a website builder, meaning you can start from scratch and build the website from the ground up using a premade template. WordPress is a content management site (CMS for short), which means several different contributors can help to run the site smoothly by creating, editing, and publishing. 

  • Tech Experience

If you’re just starting out, WordPress will definitely be a little harder for you to get your feet wet with. Typically, Wix is much easier to start with since there is no coding and no previous technology knowledge needed. 

  • Pricing 

When it comes to how much money you’ll be spending on your website, WordPress is better in the long run with how much growth potential you are getting for your money being spent. WordPress has the capability to be customized in endless ways while Wix is fairly limited in that regard. 

  • Free Plan Option

Speaking of money, both WordPress and Wix offer a free option to get you started. The free plans do not get you any bells and whistles to customize your site, but it does get you in the door to see if you like it without having to invest anything. You can always upgrade to bigger packages the more you play around with your site and find your groove for what you want to incorporate. The dollar amount obviously varies based on what you are getting in your plan. There are plenty of affordable options with both platforms, but when it comes to free, they both have it. 

  • Templates

WordPress may have more customization potential, but Wix has more templates to choose from. So while you may not have complete creative control with each template, you have a wider range of templates to choose from to find exactly what you want. 

  • Simple vs complex  

The biggest difference between the complexity of the two is that WordPress, while offering free open-source publishing software, you have to purchase hosting through a third party and upload through that, making the set-up process a bit confusing if you aren’t already tech-savvy. Wix is much simpler in its set-up processes with everything being in one place. 

  • AI Assistance 

Wix offers an artificial intelligence function that is built in at no extra charge to you. The AI assistant can basically build your site for you without you having to do any heavy lifting. WordPress does not offer this. 

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  • eCommerce Integration 

WordPress offers a plugin called Woocommerce which is specifically engineered for eCommerce platforms to make selling your product as easy as possible. They offer additional add-ons to Woocomerce to continue customization. Wix also offers an eCommerce package, which includes everything you would need to set up an online business. It even gives you ways to accept payments and calculate shipping costs for your customers.

  • The functionality of eCommerce 

For those eCommerce sites, Wix is great for smaller companies that offer very simple products and options. WordPress is great for eCommerce sites of any size. Whether you are offering 2 products or more than 200 products, WordPress has a plug-in that is suitable for it to run smoothly. Its plug-ins offer the option to create a very specific eCommerce site rather than having the bare bones with Wix. You can be as detailed as you want with WordPress. However, if bare bones are what you are looking for, then Wix is the perfect option for your eCommerce site. 

  • Design 

For the design of your website, Wix will offer lots of beginner options. Their templates seem to go on forever, but once you choose one, there isn’t a ton of room for customization. With WordPress, you have endless options to grow and change your site, but some coding experience may be necessary. The template does not limit the level of complexity and customization you want to bring to your site. WordPress customization is far more advanced than Wix, but without the countless templates that Wix offers. 


No matter what your goal is with creating a website, both Wix and WordPress offer great resources for you to choose from. Now that you know some of the biggest key differences when comparing WordPress vs Wix, you can pick the best option for you and your business.

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