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WordPress’s Twin Sister Prepares For An Alpha Release (b2evolution)

WordPress’s Twin Sister Prepares For An Alpha Release (b2evolution)

For those of you who skipped Blog History 101, WordPress (the platform many have come to know and love) has a sibling by the name of b2evolution.

Despite their differences in elegance, power and (most importantly) user interface, both platforms have the same mother by the name of b2.

Fast forward towards today and WordPress is dominating the blog scene while b2evolution struggles to maintain relevancy. However the latter’s obscurity may change with the launch of its much belated alpha release.

We have stopped adding features until we make a 4.0 release! Below, you will find the final list of features that made it into the next 4.0.0-alpha release.

No new features, means we are now focusing on cleaning up some of the code that doesn’t seem quite right and then we’ll release the alpha. (Don’t ask, I’m not giving dates any more, even if this time I can actually feel the release)

This alpha release will be functional as advertised but the UI may not be polished everywhere it should. We’ll do some extra polishing for the beta and stable versions. (Official b2evolution Blog)

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The alpha release includes the ability to (finally!) discover new templates from within b2evolution, as well as widget enhancements, adjusting the size of an image within RSS and support for Gravatars (a service by WordPress).

There are other features in the alpha release that will appeal to geeks (such as plugins, API’s, etc.), but as for now b2evolution will finally be able to unveil their blog platform for brave blog testers everywhere (and perhaps a final version before January of 2011).

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