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Words With Friends Is A Real Life Saver, Literally

Words With Friends Is A Real Life Saver, Literally

Words With Friends

Words With Friends can be more than just a fun scrabble type game you play with Friends, it could be the very technology that saves your life one day. At least that was the case for an Australian man who was diagnosed with a life threatening condition.

Australian resident Georgie Fletcher and American wordsmith Beth Legler met several years ago through the gaming platform and began a friendship through the Words With Friends chat screen. Recently Mrs. Fletcher began to describe her sick husbands symptoms when Beth’s husband Larry, a physician, told Georgie to rush her husband immediately to the hospital.

It turns out that Simon Fletcher had a 99% blockage near his heart that would have led to certain death had he not been taken immediately to the emergency room.

According to Beth:

“Had Larry not sent that message I don’t think Simon would have gone to the doctor that day.”

The incident happened three months ago and Simon is now healthy and living his life to which he responds:

“I owe Larry everything…I’m really lucky to be here.”

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What might be the most amazing part of the story is that the couple have never met in real life and it was just by chance that Larry happened to look at the Word With Friends chat screen right away which led to the quick diagnosis.

With millions of daily visitor hits I can’t say I’m surprised Words With Friends has done some good but I will say it surprises me that it was such a close call.


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