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Another Day, Another World Leader Joins Twitter

Another Day, Another World Leader Joins Twitter

It looks like another head of state has joined the Twitterverse, although unlike Hugo Chavez this President actually has some political clout (probably due to his access of nuclear weapons).

[W]e are honored today that President Medvedev of Russia stopped by our office for a brief tour and his inaugural Tweet.

It was incredibly generous of the President to stop by with such a busy schedule. Recognizing the power of new technology and learning to leverage it to advance humanity in positive and meaningful ways is a powerful display of leadership. It was a great chance for us to share our passionate belief that the open exchange of information can have a positive global impact. (Official Twitter Blog)

President Medvedev is tweeting at @KremlinRussia, and as of this post has approximately 2,000 followers.

Medvedev’s embrace of Twitter may seem ironic considering the fact that Russia (or an entity from that country) tried to silence Twitter via a DDOS attack in August of 2009.

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Thus far the President seems to be enjoying the service, and has even embraced his inner tweet by posting a picture via TwitPic.

Only time will tell whether Medvedev will continue to tweet by himself or outsources this to his staff, but either way this could help Twitter become extremely popular in Mother Russia.

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