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WorldWIT launches Women’s Issue blogs

WorldWIT launches Women’s Issue blogs

WorldWIT, the off- and online networking group for women in business, has launched a number of blogs aimed at professional women ( The blog includes content on such topics as networking, work/life balance and a woman’€™s customer advantage.

Interestingly though, in launching the blogs, they attacked other blogs in the process, stating in their media release that “unlike the typical, ranty, freeform blogs, WorldWIT blogs are moderated to keep the content on topic. WorldWIT’€™s blog editors have a combined 50 years of business experience, and offer bloggers a voice that may achieve the greatest reach ever.”

Way to go, enter the blogosphere, and attack bloggers in the process. On a positive note though the blogs are running on WordPress, and actually have comments and feeds, now lets just hope they don’t get to out of hand….

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  • Hi! thanks for mentioning our new blogs. We have launched some new blogs since then. I’m sorry that you interpreted the press release as us attacking bloggers. Can we agree though that a lot of blogs are not the most worthwhile or readable? Mentioning that we’re interested in creating a high level of discussion wouldn’t, I hope, be viewed by most people as attacking bloggers. Anyway, we are loving the comments are readers are leaving on our blogs. Thanks – Liz

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