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WP Robot Plugin Gets Updated to 2.0 with More Auto Features

WP Robot Plugin Gets Updated to 2.0 with More Auto Features

wprobotpluginFrankly, I don’t really like autoblogging. Putting time stamp to future post is alright especially if you are on a tight schedule and auto-posting is the only way you can fulfill your posting schedule.

But auto-posting using an autoblogging plugin such as WP Robot, which just released its version 2.0, is not really my cup of tea. In case you’re not aware, autoblogging is used by blogs that were created for affiliate marketing purposes or revenue-generating schemes through the use of aggregated content culled automatically from affiliate networking sites.  Examples sites of this are Amazon, Clickbank and eBay.

So, where does WP Robot fits into the scheme of things? This plugin can actually help these type of bloggers save time while earning more advertising revenue from their blogs.  You can set specific intervals when WP Robots will do its job – hence better scheduling of your blog posts.

WP Robot 2.0 now lets you post Yahoo News content to your blog. Or even any RSS feeds that you want to feed into your blogs automatically.

Other new features of WP Robot plugin include – the ability to cloak your outgoing affiliate links, backdating your posts to the pasts and scheduling your posts at a future date. The Plugins admin panel was also redesigned.

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While many bloggers will shun away this WP Plugin, we’ve got to admit the fact that there are a lot of bloggers who would recommend installing this plugin.

Let us know your take on this in the comment section. Is WP Robot a plugin that you will most likely install on your WP blogs?

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  • Absolutely, positively NOT. Auto-aggregate “bloggers” are a nuisance with their useless self-serving ways. They’re even worse than those sleazeballs who spam Twitter with wave after wave of random affiliate links.

    I suppose that the Plugin creators are serving a purpose and providing a service, but that do we really need more/better ways to help robo-bloggers do their thing?!

  • Sounds like humans are becoming more and more obsolete each day. J.D. Salinger must have been really right.

    Autobots have long been used in gaming so I don’t see any reason why this shouldn’t be applied in other areas, especially in web marketing which is fairly profitable and reasonable to use such scheme.

  • Let’s not forget that even though these plugins are mainly used by sploggers they also have a valid use. Fe. if you have a content deal with another site, plugins like WP Robot can make the job a lot easier.

  • for me there is pros and cons of this plugin… if you serious about blogging and your blog more to personal content then this is not for you… (wprobot can’t fetch your story anywhere in the net)…. but in the other hand, if you build a niche blog for profit targeting then you can try this plugin. cheers happy blogging.

  • I make use of this plugin for one of my blog. It work fine and also the article it post on my blog are from other blogs having good content as well as it also gives the credit to original author.

    I wanted to try out this plugin and found it interesting.

  • Now I use plugins wp to twitter for update my blog to twitter account automatically , it’s work for me. :-)

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