Writers Blog Alliance beta launches

A new “alliance” of writers have gathered to form the “Writers’ Blog Alliance” with the aim of developing a network of writers and authors to increase their exposure within the blogosphere and beyond.

The idea for the Alliance comes from Clive Allen of Gone Away.

“WBA began as an idea for increasing the visibility of writers’ blogs. It occurred to me that we are all in a race for traffic, the lifeblood of blogs, but we’re losing that race because our market is smaller than that of the big guns, the blogs on the A-list. In the blogosphere, success is measured by links; the top sites count their incoming links in the thousands whereas we think we’re doing pretty well if we get a hundred links. And quality of link counts too; if you can achieve a link from a blog on the A-list, your own blog’s importance (and traffic) will increase dramatically.” said Allen.

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“I spoke to Deborah Woehr of The Writer’s Buzz about the idea and she ran with it, adding her own thoughts for a writers’ community to the mix. The result is WBA, a mansion designed to cater for writers and readers. It has a directory, forums, a news section and a magazine. At the moment, we are using the news section as a blog, while I work on setting up a blog dedicated to the site.”

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  • I don’t know how the two quoted passages managed to become the ones that are being seen everywhere, but the amusing thing is that they omit the actual point. Here’s a brief passage from one of my articles on the subject that states it in full:

    “…writers need a few heavyweight blogs of their own; blogs with enough incoming links to be regarded as quality by Google. If such a blog were then to link to the blogs of writers, each blog so linked would increase in importance too. We would, in fact, be creating our own little corner of the blogosphere where our rules dominated, rather than those of the A-list.”

    Cheating? How can it be when there are no rules in the blogosphere?

  • This is becoming quite an impressive operation. While it still has some bugs to iron out, the WBA is beginning to make its mark. Well done to Clive and Deborah for a great launch.

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