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WSJ offers health blog

WSJ offers health blog

The Wall Street Journal Online announced a new Health Blog offered as a free feature. The blog offers analysis on health and the business of health including news about the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, FDA actions, medical issues, and health insurance.

The lead writer for the Health Blog is Jacob Goldstein, who recently joined the Journal from the Miami Herald where he was a medical writer. Scott Hensley, who covered the drug industry as a reporter for the Journal for seven years, is the blog’s editor and a contributor. The blog also includes posts from other staffers at the Journal worldwide, and Dow Jones Newswires. Videos featuring Goldstein and other Journal staffers appear regularly within the blog posts as well.

“The Health Blog is a substantive addition to our growing blog network, which generates millions of page views a month,” said Bill Grueskin, managing editor of The Wall Street Journal Online. “With its unique combination of authoritative posts and informed comments, this blog has quickly become an important forum for those interested in the business of health care, and the implications for their own personal health issues.”

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  • The whole health (I refuse to get old and weak) market just keeps getting bigger. We have all been convinced that we can control our own life so why can we not just control our health? Everyone is looking for that secret health cure and the over stressed WSJ reader is likely a very strong market for anyone pitching a miracle fix to people working 60 hours a week while wacked out on twenty grande lattes with quad shots of espresso.

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