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WSJ selects MSN Spaces over 360 and Blogger

WSJ selects MSN Spaces over 360 and Blogger

Some more good news for the MSN Spaces team with the Wall Street Journal selecting MSN Spaces as the best choice for new bloggers over Google’s Blogger and Yahoo! 360.

Walter Mossberg, Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal writes that MSN Spaces “did the best job of performing these tasks in a way that was organized and self-explanatory. Yahoo 360 was almost as easy, but it tries to tie in the use of too many other Yahoo services. has a long way to go until it becomes as easy to use as the others.”

Time for me to add “review MSN Spaces again” on my list of things to do, certainly from all accounts the service is progressively getting better and better.

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  • What I don’t like about 360 or Spaces is that comments aren’t mailed to you. If that is an option in either I haven’t figured it out yet.

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