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Yahoo Publisher Network Invite for sale on eBay

Yahoo Publisher Network Invite for sale on eBay

Can’t get into the Yahoo Publisher Network, well some crafty chap from India is apparently selling a YPN invite on eBay here. 12 hours left at the time of writing and the going price is $143.

Initial reviews suggested higher returns from the Adsense competitor, but more recent reports indicate similar returns to Adsense.

Warning though: Yahoo! only wants you if you live in the United States.

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(via Jensense/ Jeremy Zawodny)

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  • Nice find. If he could wait another 4 weeks when I’m going to have a US address sorted I’d buy it so I could get in on YPN. When you think about Yahoo! is quite unique (strange???) as a global company with the level of demarcation of services/product offerings between country regions. It’s is almost like each region operates totally independent of the others.

  • I don’t see any invite feature when I login, so if this is real, then he is selling the original invite sent to him by Yahoo! which can only be used once.

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