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You Tube is a Star

You Tube is a Star

Five months after You Tube hit the web, the Washington Post has declared it a star.

The Washington Post article outlines that You Tube is receiving more than 35,000 new videos daily and 6 million unique daily visitors.

I lack statistics to prove my own assumption that bloggers’ use of You Tube has grown substantially in the last 5 months. Many blogs embed You Tube’s slick & easy video system into their blog posts – taking advantage of a videosharing system that enables one to add content to their weblog with a minimum of fuss.

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What remains to be seen is if a site like You Tube, with it’s massive bandwidth requirements, can make a go at being a profitable enterprise in today’s internet marketplace.

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  • I think that the reason You Tube has grown by such leaps and bounds is due to it’s ties to the Blogosphere. Still tracking what I am saying? Allow me to enlighten:

    You Tube allows you the ability to take a video and embed it into a website. I know that Google Video does this, but not in the same way. The You Tube embed has a much cleaner, user friendly look and it does not begin playing automatically. Personally, I think that this is proof that if you make a tool that can be easily used and applied in blogging, then you have the potential to be a “star.”

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