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Young Entrepreneurs Shine in Kansas Schools’ Competition

Young Entrepreneurs Shine in Kansas Schools’ Competition

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Entrepreneurs Shine Competition

A recent entrepreneurial competition between Central and South High Schools saw the emergence of numerous innovative, pupil-led ventures. The competition, leading up the Kansas Entrepreneurship Challenge (KEC), was a hotbed of excitement and ingenuity. Pupils were judged on their executive summaries, trade show presentations, and four-minute pitches, resulting in a variety of impressive business concepts.

The top honor went to two sophomores from Central High, whose project brilliantly leveraged technology to solve social issues. However, every participant demonstrated a sharp understanding of market needs and showcased interesting solutions. South High’s Dylan Norris secured first place with his business, Norris Tutoring, while second place was claimed by Emily Truong and Hoa Tran for their business, Miheo Jewelry.

Central High’s Carson Ablard and Armando Duran gained significant recognition with their entrepreneurial journey with Dough-licious. South High’s Londyn Detlefson and Keegan Giersch also received commendations for Lizzie’s Lounge Doggie Daycare & Kennel and Wondrous Woodworking, respectively. The People’s Choice Award was given to Giersch for his remarkable work.

Alibbea Mong from Central High and John Rose shared the third place for their ventures – Little Creations Pastries and John Rose Music. The Young Entrepreneurs Challenge rewarded the top three positions with cash prizes in the order of $500, $350, and $200. In addition, a $50 downtown gift card was awarded based on public votes following trade show board reviews.

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To further stimulate competition, runners-up were given the opportunity to submit a wildcard application. An estimated 15 such entries from across Kansas are expected to be selected for the statewide competition. This event, a result of a collaboration between the regional Chamber of Commerce and Public Schools, will take place at Kansas State University on April 16. With this competition, our young entrepreneurs have proven that they are ready for more than just school work.

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