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Your Alexa Ranking Just Changed

Your Alexa Ranking Just Changed

If you’re a tech blogger, there’s a good chance your ranking has gone up. By the way, in the Alexa world, that is NOT a good thing.

The traffic data Website is no longer relying solely on their toolbar to rank sites. Instead, they will be aggregating data from “multiple sources.” Pretty cryptic, eh?

The reality is, whether you but stock in these numbers or not, they do affect the way your blog/Website does business. Since Alexa has been on the scene for over 10 years, many people take what they say seriously.

You will also notice that historic data is now only available from the previous nine months. This window will be expanded over the next few months as the site recalculates. They also promise new features will be rolled out in the near future.

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I noticed about a 30k drop (that’s good!) on my blog.

How has the recalculation affected your corner of the Web?

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  • The change finally pushed us below 100,000. We’d be hovering just about the 100,000 mark for months, and the change seems to have bumped us up about 30,000 slots. Not that we care about any of this…. ;)

  • I still think people put far more stock in Alexa than it deserves. It’s largely a self-propagating sham – that is, it’s ranking are mostly important because they say so.

    It’s like the junky trinkets sold on late-night infommercials – they’re only “collectible” because the cheesy host declares them to be and gullible viewers buy into that notion, thereby propping it up.

    Now that Alexa’s ranking isn’t solely based on internal data – and should be less likely to manipulation – maybe it will have greater relevance.

  • Hmm, now that you mention it, my blog now has an alexa ranking of 93,000 which is down 10-17 thousand points from where it used to be (117,000 or so)

  • Exactly. Wholly inaccurate, and gets way too much credit. You can’t measure popularity using that stupid toolbar, when most technically-minded people probably don’t use it. That is, Alexa ranking is so useless for tech blogs.

  • My alexa ranking has just disappeared entirely! I was at about 650,000 yesterday, and today it’s gone to ‘no data’ no ranking.

    Hopefully this is glitch and it’ll come back tomorrow…

  • Hi , i am 17 year old college guys…I’ve started kids website on 1 yaer ago, and now it has a rank #892800. intially i was in 3 lacs….
    Just watch it how fast the rank is dropping!!!
    Please,please have a look and let me knw the reason behind this…

  • After spending two years building my own website, I was very disappointed that my Alexa ranking was still higher than one million. in order to improve my Alexa rating, I spent about three weeks combing the web to find tips, secrets, and proven strategies for increasing my Alexa ranking. Unfortunately, many of the sites offering advice didn’t even have a high ranking themselves. Please advice!

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