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Your Podcast can be hijacked

Your Podcast can be hijacked

Fresh from value the Druge Report at $120 million USD, Om Malik warns of a terrible new danger to Americans as part of the war on terror: your podcast can be hijacked. Osama Bin Laden has had enough of Adam Curry and is going to hijack his show. Whether or not he will subsequently be hailed as a hero and awarded a full pardon for 9/11 is yet to be seen, but is shortening in odds.

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  • >comon Joe, its a joke, be it in extremely bad taste, but I have >to be naughty ever once in a while, otherwise the traffic >drops….

    If this continues “Blog Networks” will become synonymous with “gossiping for attention” and “being loud and snarky just for eyeballs”.

    Newpapers have the tabaloids… is this the begining of the “Blogaloids” ?

    Blogaloids would be = tit for tat arguments blog style + crazy entries to attract attention.

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