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Youth Bloggers Network Joins Teens In Tech, Pro Model Announced

Youth Bloggers Network Joins Teens In Tech, Pro Model Announced

Often praised blog host Teens in Tech, with 16 year old Daniel Brusilovsky as the CEO, has acquired Youth Bloggers Network. This from the latters post on the subject:

We decided that by joining forces, our projects could help each other vastly. We figured that YBN and TinT complement each other very nicely. TinT offers a place where teens can get set up with a free blog, while YBN offers a community for young bloggers to collaborate, communicate, and grow their blogs and projects.

Youth Bloggers Network is run by Patrick DeVivo, 15 years old.

Naturally, Brusilovsky has a post up of his own, explaining the acquisition:

YBN will remain it’s own site and forum, but under the Teens in Tech name and brand as a property. We are combining Teens in Tech with YBN as one big community because we are staying true to our message: empower teenage media content. We haven’t really focused too much on the community aspect, and we hope that with the addition of YBN and Patrick on our team, Teens in Tech will rise.

Brusilovsky also announced that there will be an ad revenue program to split income between publisher and host, as well as pro accounts for the bloggers.

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We’ve decided that we are going to offer pro features like custom domain names (, more storage space (we added 250 MB last night for each user adding to 750 MB for each user), and more.

Via our friends at Performancing, who notes that Teens in Tech is still in beta.

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  • Hey Thord,

    Daniel Brusilovsky, CEO and founder of Teens in Tech, here. First of all, thanks for the post! As a Blog Herald subscriber, it’s always nice to read great posts like these! Our pro model hasn’t been finalized, but we are working with future partners and advisers on how to best launch this, because we really believe in the publishers getting what they deserve. If you have any further questions, feel free to email at dbrusilovsky[at] Thanks,

    Daniel Brusilovsky

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