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YouTube ‘Appeals’ Allow Users To Fight Copyright Notices

YouTube ‘Appeals’ Allow Users To Fight Copyright Notices

YouTube Copyright AppealsHave you ever had content removed from YouTube because a content creator claimed you stole their footage, music, etc? In some cases that content was rightfully obtained and now YouTube is giving video uploading members the chance to fight those take down notices with a new appeals process.

The new “Appeal” section allows users to claim they have right to use the data. If a content owner still believes that user is in violation they much file a DMCA takedown notice.

In the past a dispute removed a video and the user was just plain out of luck.

The appeal means the content holder will take the user to “court” and if the uploading party is still found to be in violation of copyright they will receive one “strike” against them. Three strikes and the user is kicked off YouTube permanently.?

The system came about after erroneous copyright requests were being made. In some cases even the copyright holder wanted the video to remain but it was ultimately removed after a user dispute was issued.

The perfect example of why the appeals process was outline by?Mashable:

“One infamous example: when the Mars Curiosity Rover landed on the Red Planet in August, the?official NASA video of the landing was taken down?because Scripps News Service had uploaded their video first ? and it contained some of the freely available?NASA?footage.”

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Scripps did eventually remove the request which it had zero right to file.

While YouTube has improved its copyright detection algorithm to remove many erroneous claims the appeals court is still a great way to add a human element to the process.


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