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YouTube Begging Users To Embrace Google Accounts

YouTube Begging Users To Embrace Google Accounts

Begging is probably not the best word to describe the scenario (demanding would be better), but either way YouTube is once again pleading for users to embrace Google accounts or face the consequences.

Although YouTube wrote up a nice post comparing those refusing to upgrade to people carrying “brick phones” from the 1990’s, Google is apparently tired of speaking softly and is preparing to resort to more drastic measures.

Now, we’re gradually asking all remaining users still using the older YouTube account system (pre-May 2009) to link a Google Account to their YouTube username. This is required in order to continue using your YouTube username. […]

Choosing not to link won’t delete your YouTube videos – you just won’t be able to sign into your YouTube username until you link your YouTube Account to a Google Account. (YouTube Help)

Note: Emphasis theirs.

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It’s still unclear how many YouTube fans have yet to embrace Google accounts, although it must be a significant amount for the social video giant to resort to hassling fans logging in.

For those of you using YouTube as your primary way to consume online video, have you upgraded your account? If not, why?

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