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ZeFrank and Andrew Barron piss on each other

ZeFrank and Andrew Barron piss on each other

I’ll be honest.

I love ZeFrank. I haven’t found a thing funnier out there in terms of a videoblog.

I’ll be even more honest. I don’t get Rocketboom. I mean, I’ve watched it. Sometimes it’s interesting, often it’s not.. and after watching about 20 shows or so.. I stopped.

But I watch Ze every day. Why? I dunno. Does that really matter?

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But this pissing match between Rocketboom and Ze is just stupid. Ze questioned Rocketboom on one of his shows, and Rocketboom’s Andrew Barron fired back in a recent post.

Now that everyone has made each other look like a bunch of whiny kids – can we move on to producing good video content that keeps me entertained?

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