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Google Update

Important Google Update

As website owners and SEO professionals, we rely heavily on Google’s documentation to understand and…

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Google Competitor

New Competitor To Google’s Palm 2?

Language models have become an integral part of our digital world, powering applications like chatbots,…

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Google Faceoff

Google To Take On The United States

The largest antitrust trial in decades is about to begin against Google, and it could…

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AI Project

Digital Futures Project By Google

Google, the renowned tech behemoth, has launched the Digital Futures Project, a groundbreaking effort to…

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Network Compensation

Meta To Pay News Outlets For Content

There have been discussions in Malaysia about enacting regulations that would force social media and…

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Google Search Updates

August 2023 Google Search Updates

Google Search Central recently announced the completion of the August 2023 core update, which aims…

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