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Investing in Technology with Fisher Investments On Technology

Investing in Technology with Fisher Investments On Technology

Fisher Investments On TechnologyFisher Investments, a stock market and management services specialized company, offers the sixth installment of its Fisher Investments On series, Fisher Investments On Technology. Fisher Investments On focuses on providing its readers, often individual or aspiring professional investors, the tools needed to understand and analyze opportunities. The sixth book, Fisher Investments On Technology aims at clearly defining the broad term Technology and gaining more insight in the Technology market.

Fisher Investments On Technology consists of three main parts:

  1. Getting Started in Technology
  2. Next Steps: Technology Details
  3. Thinking Like a Portfolio Manager

Part I: Getting Started in Technology

Part I, Getting Started in Technology, introduces the reader to the technology sector, looking at the term, market and its history. Covered are sector specific basics and also the history of major events in the evolution of Technology.

Part II: Next Steps: Technology Details

The second part, Technology Details, offers a more in-depth look at investments on technology, both by offering the reader a rather detailed analysis of how the technology sector functions, what specific elements it consists of and even a glimpse in to the major manufacturing processes used in todays technology.
The book also covers rather elaborately the challenges many technology firms faces, and walks the reader through examples of companies who have surmounted typical challenges and met or even surpassed expectations.

Part III: Thinking Like a Portfolio Manager

The third part of Fisher Investment On Technologies, Thinking Like a Portfolio Manager, confronts the reader with the questions every (new) investor should ask and understand before possibly investing in Technology. Topics include questions such as ‘What are the most important elements to consider when analyzing semi-conductor and PC firms?”.
The third part also provides the reader with an investment methodology and a framework for individual security analysis.

Combined, Fisher Investments On Technology, provides the (future) investor a five-step process, helping in identifying and differentiating investment opportunities and recognizing firms with a greater probability of outperforming.

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It should be noted that Fisher Investments On Technology does not provide an All-in-One, always win, or Silver-bullet concept, approach to investing in Technology since every investment is different and unique. The book does provide a main framework for possible and aspiring investors though and helps the candidate to better understand the technology market. The book, complete series, should be seen as such and stock valuations or even assistance with deciding whether to invest now or not can not be expected, nor are offered. Fisher Investments On Technology instead aims at delivering the tools: a solid foundation, thinking pattern and understanding to the reader who is interested in repeated and successful investing in the Technology market, wants to learn to estimate the market better.

Opportunities in technology are big and can be conducted successfully over the next years. In the US investments in clear technology actually are at the highest point since 2008.
A case study, not conducted by FI, provided for a specific technology market can be read at NASA website.

About Fisher Investments

Fisher Investments was founded in 1979. Fisher Investments is a privately owned, Woodside CA based money management firm overseeing more than $41 billion (as of 12/31/10). Founder and CEO Ken Fisher has written 4 bestselling books, writes the “Portfolio Strategy” column in Forbes, and is globally recognized as an investment guru. Find out more at Fisher Investments site on technology.

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