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Online Backup Solutions for Mac Users

Online Backup Solutions for Mac Users

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The benefit to running a Windows machine is the wide array of software developed for these systems. Even going back to Windows 2000/XP there have been developers releasing excellent freeware for anyone in the world. Data backups can be handled manually or through parity of internal drives. OS X users do not always have this same luxury.

But it is important when considering how to backup data from your computer, to think about how you would want access to it. Many users prefer local hard drives either internal in the system, or external through USB/Firewire. I have been using physical drives across multiple Operating Systems and it works great if you have the storage space.

Freelancers and smaller projects do not require as much space. If you can go without a 1TB external then maybe cloud backups are the right solution. The process to generate Mac backups has been refined over the years to include Time Machine, along with other similar applications.

In fact many of the popular online services allow you to download a native OS X application. This is great for a number of reasons – but obviously it allows you to run backups without much hassle. It’s the main reason people end up switching to Mac software in the first place.

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A large problem I notice is when people do not trust their information being stored on some other servers. This can grow into a big deal when you are using a company with weak security, or a new startup that has just gotten started online. Find a provider that has been going for years and someone that you can trust. Your data is no joke and you will definitely want access in case of an emergency.

The best online backup solutions will be the ones you can trust. Price is also important, but why pay cheap costs for something you don’t even really want? Granted there are certainly affordable and trustworthy providers out there. You just have to spend some time researching and pick out what looks best to you.

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