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How to Secure Your Internet from Hackers in 5 Easy Tips

How to Secure Your Internet from Hackers in 5 Easy Tips

The security of your information is paramount in the modern day. Cybersecurity issues are far more crucial than ever before. Hackers are common in the cyberspace and the consequences of hacking are often disastrous. Recent Wipro report indicates that 29% of breaches targeted personal information while 41% of total breaches were in the healthcare industry. Such statistics show that the nature of attacks has evolved and the targets have also increased.

While there has not been a decrease in the incidences of cybersecurity in recent years, there have been many successes in the area of combating web insecurity. In recent years, efforts by multiple stakeholders in the IT industry have resulted in great strides. So, how do you secure yourself in this unpredictable time? Here are some of the cybersecurity tips you can use to keep the hackers away.

Using Encryption Services

Encoding and decoding information has remained to be one of the best ways of limiting access to information. Hackers often target information networks in order to get access to useful information which they then use to carry out attacks. Encryption ensures that your data is safe even at the wrong hands. Encrypting every kind of data you send removes the possibility of tampering by third-parties. There are numerous encryption services available which use unique encryption methods. Using applications that have inbuilt encryption would also be a better option whenever you do not have an encryption service.

Keep Your Privacy Settings On

You also need to ensure that your privacy settings are on at all times. This is the only sure way of keeping unwanted attention away. When using public platforms to communicate, you should ensure that the information visible is minimal. Social media pages are often major targets for hackers and other kinds of attackers seeking to steal information. The kind of information you share can also determine how safe you are from scammers. Emails, phone numbers, and other direct messaging contacts should only be privately visible to a few individuals whom you trust.


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It is also important to keep your connection private. Privacy is indeed the major issue when it comes to staying safe online. VPNs are the most credible means of ensuring that your information and network is private. Most public networks are accessible by all kinds of parties and there is no protection in place. Your data is thus constantly exposed to other people who might be using the public network. With a VPN though, you get to enjoy a private connection which is not shared by any other party. Some of the best VPN providers in the market are fantastic when it comes to ensuring your security. Some of the best VPN providers in the market are fantastic when it comes to ensuring your security.

Use Tough Passwords

Passwords that are tough to figure out are the best when it comes to protecting your data. One of the most common methods that hackers use is to try to crack your password based on a little information that you have shared on the web. If your password is simple to guess, your accounts might be compromised resulting in the loss of data and other valuables. A strong password that can withstand hacking attempts should include:

  • A mix of alphabetical and numerical characters
  • A few special characters or symbols
  • At least 8 characters in total

Update Your Programs

Finally, it is important to keep your programs updated. Antivirus programs, computer software, tools, and other applications should always be updated to the latest versions. If possible, you should opt for automatic updates whenever possible. Antivirus program updates come with new threat detection methods. Updated computer software programs and applications, on the other hand, come with the latest patches and fixes. Malware and other hacking tools thus have no chance with devices that have the latest programs and software.

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