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10 eLearning WordPress Themes

10 eLearning WordPress Themes

Learning sites have been widely popular due to the need for people to upskill. A lot of learning sites have popped up catering to different learning needs. For those who want to put up an educational site, you would need to have a blog that allows you to have multiple add-ins that would be helpful for your readers. Here are a couple of WordPress themes you could use in your elearning site. 

1. Education Pack

The Education Pack may be the right WordPress theme for you if you want something that is easy to set up and has all the basic features you need for your learning content management system. This has a pre-built theme that allows you to do one-click demo import, multiple language support, and even a social sharing option. 

2. eLearning WP

This is one of the best available learning management system WordPress themes available. It allows you to set up a platform that could easily organize all your content such as lessons, courses, quizzes, and other learning-related content. It also allows you to separate content that you want to be free and have a premium subscription for your learners.

3. Skilled

If you want to set up a comprehensive learning site like Udemy, Lynda, and Codeacademy, this theme is a good solution for you. It has a couple of plugins that let you customize your site. The best feature of this theme is that it allows you to gamify your learning content that will allow increased interaction with your learners. 

4. SmartOwl

With a standout design, this WordPress theme also allows you to have flawless WooCommerce integration. This means you have the ability to add in many features that your website could have. This theme is highly recommended by eLearning. Not only it is highly rated, but it also has great customer support that could assist you with your needs. 

5. Tutor LMS

Trying to offer multiple courses to your learners? This WordPress theme is the solution you need. The interface is also easy to navigate as it has a drag-and-drop interface making it easy to add in new courses. The customization that could be done is a lot. Users will be able to assign multiple instructors or choose to charge different modes of payment. 

6. eCademy

This blog design is perfect for those who don’t want to get hassled navigating through the system. This theme also comes in with a Zoom plugin making it accessible for you to conduct live classes. It also offers a plugin that allows you to set up a grade book for students. This theme has a vast amount of features that will allow you to set up a sophisticated learning website. 

7. Vultur

If you are looking for a theme that will be suitable for any type of learning, Vultur offers a variety of pre-made templates. This template has an easy-to-navigate interface where your users can scroll through multiple courses you offer. There is a plugin as well that lets your learners be notified on any upcoming events related to their class. 

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8. Academia

This theme enables your learners to access your content both online and even offline. The live search feature, which is the AJAX-powered live search tool, allows your student to find course content seamlessly. The developers of this theme give you a comprehensive tutorial on how you can set up your site. 

9. EduMall

Want to make your site attract many learners? EduMall offers elements that help you easily promote popular courses that you have through its analytics features. EduMall is also a good interface for learners as it is easy to connect with their instructors and fellow classmates with its built-in Q&A function. This allows you to also build a separate dashboard for your learners and your instructors. 

10. Skillfully

A modern WordPress theme perfect for professional learning course management systems. You will be able to let your learners choose between free or paid content and even allow them to try out the course material. This theme also follows Google’s preference of using cards to display events or courses. 

Choosing a design for your learning site is easy so long as you know what features you want it to have. The different WordPress themes don’t only make your site look aesthetically pleasing but also offer multitudes of plugins that could increase your learner’s interest in your course material. 

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