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10 WordPress Themes for Anime and Manga Blogs

10 WordPress Themes for Anime and Manga Blogs

Manga is a popular Japanese-style comic book or graphic novel. There are many readers eager to access content for this platform. Usually, these comic books are largely available online for readers to consume. What is interesting is the genre of stories that it has which are action, adventure, and comedy. The rising popularity of manga is apparent as film adaptations are now being released in mainstream media.

Manga is normally found on blogs and websites. Though the interface of this site should be able to manage content well especially when you will be flashing in multiple works at the same time, you also have to be careful in choosing a theme in order to prevent any copyright content violation. Here are some WordPress themes you can use as reference in coming up with your own Anime or Manga blog:

1. Madara WordPress Theme for Manga

If you are trying to look for a complete design solution for an Anime or Manga theme, you should highly consider getting this theme. This site is great for hosting a vast portfolio of Manga with its Manga Grid shortcode. You have an option to store your data over the cloud or on your site. The Manga core plugin will help you have the target website design that would be fit for your needs. The site can also be used for webshops that sell anime or manga-based products such as anime subscription box

2. Animag – Anime and Manga Magazine WordPress Theme

This theme fits those who want to include multiple anime or manga-related news with the aesthetic being similar to reading manga. The design was heavily influenced by NewType Magazine which was a popular Japanese manga and anime print magazine in the 80s. The design is easy to be implemented with the layout fit for basic news posts and an archive section properly organized for your readers. 

3. MangaStream WordPress Theme

Another great option for those who would want to host multiple manga on one site. This theme has a fresh and modern design that offers search engine optimization and an improved image loading speed. This allows your readers to browse through your catalog with the corresponding manga cover photo. You can create an A-Z list with the accompanying search module. 

4. EastManga WordPress Theme

This manga-themed site can allow you to showcase multiple mangas with the corresponding user rating. This allows readers to access content that is popular and also highly rated. You can also customize it according to the manga genre. This will allow readers to easily identify materials they enjoy. The design also allows you to add pictures to make your site stand out from others. 

5. Samekudaku by WesTheme

This theme can help you combine both anime streaming and also manga content all in one place. The design allows you to showcase content focusing on anime streaming and even adding in a search engine optimization feature that could help you suggest content for your users. Moreover, the site is equipped with Photon CDN that makes your photo load faster. 

6. Vodi by Madras Theme

In case you want to set up a streaming site dedicated to anime series, this theme could be best for you. The design allows you to catalog your anime series according to the genre. It also has a section dedicated to top anime shows that are streamed on your site. This will make it easy for your followers to look for their preferred anime series. 

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7. AnimeStream Theme

The AnimeStream site allows you to add lots of anime series content to your site. The design organizes your content based on popular, highly rated, and even the latest anime content. It also allows you to have a blog section wherein you can add anime-relevant articles. 

8. Toocheke Theme

This mobile-friendly theme will let your user enjoy reading manga on their phones. You can choose among six layouts of manga that you can implement on your site. There is also a cool feature that allows your reader to easily dig through your archives. 

9. OMG by Nomanic

If you would want to recreate the feeling of manga on paper print, you can check out this theme. It is easy to set up and has a layout that is fully responsive to any screen size. Despite its simplicity, you can still have the chance to add some plugins in order to fit your needs. 

10. Kamisaha РAnime Streaming 

This minimalist theme allows you to put up an anime streaming site easily. The design comes in dark mode and light mode which makes it interesting for your viewers to stream their anime. 

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