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17 Fall and Autumn WordPress Themes 2021

17 Fall and Autumn WordPress Themes 2021

It’s fall and autumn WordPress themes season again now that October is finally here. Before we transition to the jolly designs of Christmas, we want to enjoy the warm, romantic, and lovable fall first. It’s always so enjoyable to add fall-themed designs to our blogs.

Let’s be honest, everybody loves fall. We all love everything about the season. The perfect not too cold, not too warm weather, the beautiful autumn colors, the rainy afternoons, chunky sweaters, pumpkin spice everything – we all secretly love it. And what better way to celebrate the change in season than redesigning our blogs with Fall and Autumn WordPress Themes?

Fall and Autumn WordPress Themes

Since fall is here, every blogger wants to bring in the warm colors of the season into their websites. Imagine hues of warm orange, yellows, browns, and reds as a design theme for your blog? There are autumn WordPress themes available on the internet for you to use in your blog. Here are some examples:

The Greenery Theme

Look Deep Into Autumn

Fall Colors Theme

Happy Autumn

The Greenery 2

Themes with Fall and Autumn color-pallettes

Of course, no one wants to design a blog for fall with strictly an autumn-designed theme. If you are looking for more versatility, why not choose themes that “feels” like autumn by choosing ones with a similar color palette? Here are some examples:

Love Where You’re Going

Textures in the Gallery

Freedom of Nature

Farming WordPress Theme

Cabin Vintage Theme

Fall and Autumn Design Elements in WordPress Themes

Any creative will know the typical things we see during the fall season. This could be lots of maple, pies, wood, thick scarves, and coffee. These are subtle elements that we could incorporate in our themes that would give only a slight hint of re-designing for the season.

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What are the usual things we see in an Autumn-themed WordPress Theme? Here are some examples:

Fortunio WordPress Theme

Cake WordPress Theme

Maple Leaves

Corretto – Coffee Shops Theme

Vegetables Menu

Samples of Websites with Autumn Themes

If you want to customize the WordPress themes that we found and are simply looking for inspiration, here are some great examples of websites with Autumn and Fall themes:

Autumn Paperie

Thanks Giving – Aristotle

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