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8 Free WordPress Themes for Selling Books

8 Free WordPress Themes for Selling Books

Free WordPress Themes for Selling Books

Creating a WordPress website for selling books is similar to creating any other e-commerce website. A lot of times, it could be daunting and expensive. There are costs to everything from designing a logo to purchasing a domain. For an online bookstore, payment activities and information collection are sensitive. Securing an SSL certificate is a must for the privacy protection of customers.

Choosing a good website host is also essential in building a successful e-commerce website. PRO TIP: Choose a website host that offers packages (with special packages for security) for all the web development nitty-gritty.  

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After all the investments in WordPress site development, a developer can start eliminating costs with free web design resources. There are free plug-ins, layouts, and add-ons available on trusted sites online that would fit your book-selling website. But an absolute favorite freebie would be customizable themes as it could be costly and time-consuming to create one. Fortunately, there are great libraries for free WordPress themes for selling books on the internet.

Here are some of the free WordPress themes for selling books that are available online:

Ebook by SKThemes

The theme is simple and straightforward – something that a lot of clients are looking for when trying to build their e-commerce websites. Shows all the best sellers right off the bat – on top of the page – where it is easy to see. It would be easy for the customers to see which books are currently trending. There is also a part of the theme that tells the buyer about the chapters (how many there are, what the book is about, etc). Then, another feature would be the ‘About the author’ page where the website will be presenting other books from the same publisher or writer.


What is great about the Bookshelf theme is that it is highly customizable. There are five different demo variants available to choose from. This means that no two online bookstores that use this theme can be the same. One of the variants has an impressive parallax effect for presenting books for purchase. The theme also boasts of a ‘one-click install’ feature – a very convenient hack for people who want to get right into immediately customizing the demo. Tools, add-ons, and plugins are also easy to access and install.

VW Bookstore

The VW Bookstore theme is a great minimalist WordPress theme for selling books. One good thing about this theme is its social media integration feature. Since it is for an e-commerce website, social media integration is a useful feature. Also, just like any other WordPress theme, it is highly customizable. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate.  On top of that, it is not only compatible with WordPress but also compatible with WooCommerce websites.

Library Books

This is also one of the popular minimalist WordPress themes for bookselling. One of its main features is that it is Gutenberg compatible. Gutenberg is one of the largest resources of free ebooks on the internet. Providing access to both free and for sale books is an attractive feature of readers. It is also compatible with multiple WordPress site builders like Elementor and WP Bakery to the joy of developers.


One of the good features of this theme is the intelligent placement of options throughout the website demo. The user’s cart is on top and already shows the cart’s total. Also placed on the website header would be the user’s wish list. This means that users have the option to save information on the books they want to buy in the future. They could add it to their wish lists (for unavailable books) and add it to their carts before checking out. Books are presented by categories and there is an easy access search bar on top of the page.

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WordPress AI


This WordPress theme has an SEO-friendly feature. This means that the website owner has an option to include a ‘blog’ page on their website. This helps a website rank on search engine pages for additional income. The theme also has around 14-page versions that the developer and client can choose from.

Rara Readable

The main feature of this theme is its minimalist concept. The theme is also available for multiple screen sizes. This means that the website theme will still be responsive regardless of the device used by the customer.

The Minimal

The slider really is the main selling point of this theme. Website owners can feature books, authors, or publishers using this full-width slider. The theme also has a translation-ready feature. This means that you can use this website to sell books anywhere in the world.

Book Landing Page

If you are trying to advertise a specific book or trying to market yourself as an author, a landing page is a great choice. Even though it is just a one-page website, this theme is still customizable and SEO-friendly. Ranking on search engine pages is highly important for websites such as this since it works more as a marketing tool than an e-commerce store. On top of that, it is also easily shareable on social media.

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  • Nice theme, I think it’s perfect for ecommerce. , And in future I plan to make an online store for selling books too. WordPress is good CMS and It have to many themes to choose.

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