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WordPress To Media Bloggers: Is 100 GB Of Space Enough For You?

WordPress To Media Bloggers: Is 100 GB Of Space Enough For You?

Over the weekend WordPress announced a space upgrade that will make media bloggers smile!

Automattic is now allowing WP fans to upload up to 100 GB of images, video (if one has VideoPress) and audio files, the latter type which should appeal to musicians as well as podcasters.

Based on feedback we received from our users, we decided to add two new space upgrade options: 50GB and 100GB.

To access either of these upgrade levels, go to your blog’s dashboard and click on Upgrades. Select the space upgrade that you want to purchase. It’s super simple. Price information is included on this page, too.

After your purchase is complete, go to your Media Library. You will see that the upload space remaining for your blog has been increased. Enjoy! (Official WordPress Blog)

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WordPress fans in need of the extra space will have to pay about $160 USD or $290 USD for 50 GB or 100 GB of extra space, respectively.

While the price may seem extremely expensive when when compared to rivals like Blogger (who charges $100 USD for 400 GB of space and $256 USD for 1,048 GB), WordPress is allowing users to upload audio files (a feature many blog platforms avoid in order to prevent a confrontation with the RIAA).

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  • I think 100GB are more than enough for “normal” bloggers. If I would need more, I’d rather get a shared hosting account or something like this and pay $10 a month for unlimited space etc.

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