Iran’s Blogging Boom Defies Media Control

The rise of blogs in Iran, although well reported over the past twelve months, is still a fascinating subject, this from the AP
Iran’s Blogging Boom Defies Media Control | Mercury News
“Initially created to defy the nation’s tight control on media, these Web journals have turned into a cyber-sanctuary – part salon, part therapist’s couch – for the vast pool of educated, young and computer-savvy Iranians.”

Demo 2004 Coverage

A new News Wrap dedicated to the Demo 2004 conference which has seen some great publicity for a number of blogging related issues
All About RSS at DEMO 2004 at Internetnews looks at RSS, Six Apart on Moblogging and Wavemarket
Demo 2004: Picks and Pans from PC World give a more general overview of the conference, with some of the more wizbang items thrown in
Feedster Search Showcased at DEMO 2004 from PRNewswire looks at the latest Feedster developments
SilkRoad Coins ‘Enterprise Blogging’ at TechWeb does some serious sucking up to SilkRoad: We are sure this is not a new term; let us know in the comments

When Journalists Blog, Editors Get Nervous

Steve Outing at Editor & Publisher looks at journalists who blog, and the fear they instil in Editors. Another interesting look at the effect of blogging on the media from E & P.
When Journalists Blog, Editors Get Nervous | Editor & Publisher
“Personal employee blogs, it seems, are land mines for media employers. The nature of the Internet is why. A simple family blog written by a reporter might contain a reference to trouble at work, or discontent with a boss. It’s so easy for such an item — meant for a tiny group but accessible by the entire Web world — to take on a life of its own and spread to a huge audience, embarrassing not only the employer but also the employee. The media operates in a Google-driven, Romenesko world now.”

WaveMarket Introduces Location-Based Blogging System

WaveMarket, a pioneer in location-based blogging, today introduced the first comprehensive location-based blogging system that enables users to broadcast and share location-time information from their cell phones with friends, affinity groups or the world. The new technology has implications for consumers, the enterprise and vertical organizations, according to Tasso Roumeliotis, WaveMarket founder and chief executive officer.
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Six Apart Launches Integrated Moblogging Tools

Weblogging software leader Six Apart today announced and demonstrated new features in its TypePad personal weblogging software that lets people easily add pictures, audio and text to their weblogs directly from their mobile phones or PDAs. As one of the companies chosen to demonstrate innovative new products at the esteemed DEMO conference, Six Apart launched highly integrated mobile weblogging — or “moblogging” — tools that let users easily post new content to their weblogs from their mobile devices.
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Professors blog away in the classroom

Blogging in the classrooms of Stanford
Professors blog away in the classroom | Standford Daily
“Program in Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) Lecturer Christine Alfano said that she thought it was fitting to incorporate blogging into her E-Rhetorics class because of the class’ focus on electronic rhetoric and digital media. For her class, students post a message once a week about their research or thoughts on the material.”

She Was a Teenaged Blogger

NRO looks at the movement behind Cecile DuBois, and since we’ve posted on Glenn Reynolds once today, how the Blogfather can make or break a blogger
She Was a Teenaged Blogger | NRO
“My 14-year-old blogger daughter got Instalanched last week, after she wrote about how her English teacher had ridiculed her in front of the class for writing an un-p.c. paper. I’ve heard what happens when the mighty Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds links you but never seen it up close, and it really is amazing: From 100 hits a day (typical for a teenager’s blog) to 100 an hour, with links to dozens of other blogs and almost 200 posted comments from Edinburgh to Auckland”

The Blogfather’s Hit List

Wired covers what’s Glenn Reynolds is reading
The Blogfather’s Hit List |
“Glenn Reynolds’ blog is the most visited in the world. His site,, averages more than 100,000 visits each day – as many as a medium-size city daily or a cable news show. If other weblogs are Wayne’s World, Reynolds’ is Countdown With Keith Olbermann, with his measured tone and dry humor playing against the blogosphere’s shrill stereotype. “