Jaguar/ Electric Artists pitch The Blog Herald for a free 4CD box set

Duncan Riley> No, I’ve not starting to sell Jaguar cars on The Blog Herald, but Electric Artists, the same firm behind the Svedka Vodka blog would like me to, given the email I’ve received today:

From: Dustin Goldfarb
Date: May 26, 2005 4:16 AM
Subject: Jaguar CD Box Set Promotion
We are working with Jaguar to get the word out that they are giving away a very cool 4 CD Box Set to everyone who stops by a dealer for a test drive. The Box Set, which was produced by DJ Jason Bentley, features an eclectic mix of dance and electronic music including tracks from Merz, Cut/Copy, Arsenal, Spooky and Ror-Shak. We think several of the people that visit your site would be interested in this promotion.
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Business Bloggers Wanted

Boston based Internet marketing company Backbone Media, Inc., is seeking business bloggers to take part in its new survey that seeks to understand what results business bloggers have achieved with their blogs.

Specifically the survey asks respondents what sales, PR and product development results they have seen from their blogging initiatives. Backbone Media, Inc. will develop a snapshot of what makes a successful blog, and then translate the industry snapshot into a working model for future company blogging initiatives.

New RSS service claims 20,000 users in 2 weeks

New RSS aggregation service Bloggator has claimed over 20,000 people signups in its first 2 weeks of operation.

The service provides a directory style listing of feeds sorted by topic which users can use to find new feeds.

Jeffrey Smith, Bloggator’s founder, pitches the service at the newbie market: “Bloggator is aimed at people who don’t know how to – or don’t want to take the time to – find blogs and figure out how the blogosphere works”

Smith also uses the old “every one else sucks” line is his attempt to promote the service with the following quote:
“I tried every blog directory I could find before building this, and finding a feed worth reading was like finding a needle in a haystack and that can make new users give up before they experience the fun of reading blogs everyday.”

WeblogsInc breaks $2k a day on Adsense

Jason Calacanis’ WeblogsInc has broken $2000 USD per day in advertising revenue from Google’s Adsense contextual advertising program, according to a post at his blog today.

The figure comes some 6 weeks after WeblogsInc first broke $1,000 USD per day, and sees WeblogsInc on track to become the first blogging network (possibly even any company as well) to break $1million in advertising revenue for a year from Adsense.

NineMSN running fake Schapelle Corby blog

The Australian version of MSN, NineMSN is promoting a blog on the upcoming verdict in the case of accused drug smuggler Schapelle Corby in Bali, that has gripped the news here in Australia (the verdict is being carried live on 2 of the major free to air networks here Friday).

One problem though, a static page with a couple of dated posted doesn’t make it a blog, and Microsoft should know better.

Blogs are bad virus spreads to New Jersey

The blogs are bad for kiddies virus continues to make its way across middle America, with reports from the CSMonitor of a new outbreak in New Jersey.

13-year-old Shannon Sullivan of Wood-Ridge, N.J, was not only made to stop blogging by her parents, she’s also been named and shamed in the Chrsitan Science Monitor as well.

As few interesting quotes: “Personal Web pages for the preadolescent and teenage set seem to have become as common as diaries and locker decorations once were.” and “Internet stalkers have killed at least four minors in the past three years, and law enforcement authorities count about 5,000 reports of attempted sexual predation over the Internet in the past year”

As in not unusual in these outbreaks, the mass hysteria of blogs are bad for kiddies makes blogging out to be the biggest risk facing the school kids, with no mention of guns, drugs or other teen ailments.

Splashblog upgraded

SplashData has announced an update to its SplashBlog photo-blogging solution for Palm Powered smartphones. The new features include the ability for multiple users to post photos to the same blog, and a streamlined approach to subscribing to other user’s SplashBlogs-enabling them to automatically download all new photos posted to the blogs to which they are subscribed to their own Palm Powered device.

Russian student expelled for blogging

A Russian student has been expelled from a prestigous economics school due to criticisms of the school he made on his SixApart LiveJournal Blog.

Anatoly Yushchenko, at student of the Murmansk Economics, Statistics and IT College, apparently criticised an amateur concert organized by the schools student council, which was then distributed in hardcopy to other students at the school.

Perhaps even more strangley, Yushchenko was not automatically expelled but given the option to quit blogging or else. He declined, and was then booted out. also reports that a second-year student at the St.-Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions, Valentina Knysh, was also expelled recently for criticizing her lecturer in “very unfavorable terms” on her SixApart LiveJournal blog.

For stats fans, SixApart LiveJournal is also described in the reports at being the most popular blogging service in Russia. Stats this morning indicate that there are 165553 Russian bloggers using the service.

World wide blog count for May: now over 60 million blogs

Attention Slashdot Readers: the latest Blog Herald Blog Count is available here (July) for those interested.

Duncan Riley> Time for another count which I was saving for a few weeks, but after A list blogger Steve Rubel, who should have known better, asked whether the latest Japanese blogging figures were reflected in the 11 million in Blogpulse, and also said that somebody should provide a country break down on the number of blogs (which I’ve been doing nearly month since January) here we go.

The good news in this report is that we have some better numbers to go by coming out of Asia, although the breakdown in the Anglosphere is still based on operator numbers and not by country
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