Calacanis disses Technorati: worthless

Weblogs Inc., supremo Jason Calacanis has openly attacked blog tracking company Technorati, describing their search service as being worthless.

He writes that the company has lost focus on its core fuction of search and has become destracted with high profile side project, and sites Jason Kottke and Fred Wilson as having abondoned the service due to its problems

He can add me to it if he likes. Although I’ve previously stated that Technorati was in trouble its only fairly recently I’ve stopped using the service regularly (I might use it once a week now). I’m using Feedster and Blogpulse daily now in its place. Feedster has a marginally better link tracking facility than Blogpulse, but Blogpulse has better comparitive stats with their Profile service, which I’m also getting served upto me in an RSS feed. I like IceRocket and Pubsub and are using them on occasion but in terms of tracking they are, at least in my case, still behind Feedster and Blogpulse at this stage in terms of numbers, but both provide well delivered stats in a far more reliable fashion than Technorati.

Something strange about Bloglines?

Duncan Riley> A general appeal to Bloglines users: have you noticed anything strange about Bloglines recently? There was another brief “database” crash at about 8am US EST yesterday but its the quality of the returns that is starting to worry me. I emailed Darren to ask if everything was ok as there was nothing in my Bloglines account for and to check whether his feed was ok. Darren reports that it is. In isolation it wouldn’t have worried me but I picked up on a Jason Calacanis post at Threadwatch which also didn’t appear in my Bloglines account. Visited Jason’s page, and nearly by accident clicked onto the front page, and there was 2 days worth of posts I that had never appeared in my Bloglines account. My own Weblog Empire site The Gadget Blog (which I’d note is going great at the moment, aside from the threats from sony) is missing posts from within Bloglines as well. The new site, the Windows Vista Weblog, same problem.

Something very odd going on here. I’m like a lot of people in that I depend on Bloglines and if this is more than my imagination I’ll be shopping around for a new service very, very soon.

Yahoo testing new style of ad on Flickr

Some interesting news for those following the beta test of Yahoo Publisher (the Adsense rival offering still not opened to the public), has screen shots of a new style of contextual ad placement that comes built in with images and text. Very, very nice.

Hurricane Katrina missing persons appeal

I’ve received the following comment in the post about Hurricane Katrina today, I don’t know whether its legit or not, but I can say one thing, the images of the bloke (I believe from CNN) who spoke about how his wife had been swept away, and before she was lost told him to look after the kids and the grandkids is the sort of thing that would bring the tear to the eye of anyone. It makes you appreciate how lucky you are to be safe and well.

From our comments:
Please help me find Dottie & Jay Thompson. Picayune, MS. White Cypress Subdivision. Barry 803-397-4497. [email protected]

If you’re looking for someone who is missing or lost please feel free to leave your detalis in the comments. I’m not a very religous person (I’ll defer to Darren on this one) but our prayers and thoughts are none the less with you.

Update: post here in the comments in case you miss it: looking for family, Trish Peyton, Heather Hatten, Richard Scott, Patricia Maliongas, or any of my family that can tell me if everyone is ok. [email protected]

what ever we can do to help.

Update: More requests in the comments. If you can help please do. Weblog Empire politics blog Donklephant is also getting requests from their readers as well. Please drop by to Donklephant (here) as well if you’re looking for loved ones or looking to match people up. A lot of distraught people out there with missing loved ones.

Further update: if you are interesting in suggesting a charity worthy of reader contributions across the Weblog Empire network please let a comment on this thread: Hurricane Katrina donation suggestions

Extra: John Evans, who writes the Weblog Empire blog the Windows Vista Weblog has an great post over on his person blog Syntagma

More: a lot of comments here already. If your looking for a loved one, or are able to provide information please scroll through the comments. There are a lot, but it all helps. The good news is we’ve already reunited people. Please, post your comment here and dont email it to me, if you do have a good news story from the comments here email me a [email protected] God speed. Alpha review and screenshots

Duncan Riley> I’ve been privileged today to be invited into the Alpha testing program, and aside from my obvious excitement at playing with something new and also being part of the testing team that’s going to give feedback to the likes of Matt Mullenweg (I am soooo not worthy :-) ) it also gives me a chance to share some initial thoughts on the offering, after having spent 5 minutes cruising the interface, and naturally share some screenshots as well.
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Live Journalers indulging in referral spam?

You’ve seen spam on Blogger before but have you seen spam emanating out of Live Journal, the community blogging service owned by Six Apart?.

It might not be totally spam but when its using referral spam to make its mark onto the logs on the Blog Herald and its flogging T-Shirts its smells like spam and it looks like spam to me.
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Blogs being advertised on Japanese TV

Joi Ito writes on the Japanese blog boom.

“There are now television ads about blogs. The other day I heard a radio commercial where they read out the URL, but added that you could post comments and send trackbacks. Yes. Trackbacks. …. It wasn’t even a geek site. I think everyone here is finally jumping on the bandwagon.”

Celebrating One Blogosphere on Blog Day

Duncan Riley> Today, August 31, is, according to some, Blog Day, and what better occasion than to express the follow thought:

Together we are one blogoshpere.

You see, some people, like Robert Scoble think that there are many blogospheres. He’s wrong. There is one blogosphere, and together this Blog Day we can stand united knowing that together, for all our differences we are united together as mankind, for all its differences, still constitutes mankind collectively.
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Cricket blogs go for a six

Cricket Blogs are starting to spin more Googlies than Shane Warne in a skimpy bar, according to the BBC.

Now, if any one have any inside information of how much money has been bet by the Australian cricket team, on the next Ashes Test match, so I can place my bet accurately on the outcome, please let me know. :-)