New Feedburner stats to combat spam blogs

Feedburner are set to roll out a new stats package that they claim will help combat spam blogs.

The new features will help bloggers track those people who are republishing RSS feeds automatically, including both those who might be doing it legitimately with your permission – but also those who are not and who are writing spam blogs and infringing copyright.

Darren at Problogger puts it this way:
“This is a killer app as far as I’€™m concerned and if it works will remove my main barrier to publishing full feeds on my blog.”

Now if only their feeds would actually work more often I might be tempted to switch as well.

Google Testing Video Advertising on Blogs

Adjab reports that Google may be testing video advertising as part of it’s Adsense contextual advertising program. One such ad was spotted at the gossip blog The Superficial, it did not auto-play but required the viewer to select start to view it.

The Blog 50

A new blogger ranking blog, The Blog 50, has launched:

Here it is ‘€” the reason behind the creation. The source of the force. This is the debut of The Blog 50, a weekly chart listing the most influential/best bloggers in the blogosphere. If you need more information about the secret formula that goes into The Blog 50, you can refer to our secret sauce page, but you’€™ll probably be disappointed.

After you’€™ve read the list, stick around and discuss it with us. We’€™ll be checking in quite often with news, views and pointed opinions about people in the blogosphere, and it will be quite entertaining ‘€” especially if you’€™re not a big fan of Dave Winer. Neither are we. And hey, someone has to make up for all the cool stuff Nick Douglas stopped doing when he sold out to Denton for Valleywag.

The choices for the top 5 bloggers are interesting:

  • Peter Rojas
  • Jason Calacanis
  • Cory Doctorow
  • Nick Denton
  • Mark Cuban

Most of those make sense to me.. but Mark Cuban? I love the guy’s blog, but listing him as the 5th most influential / 5th best blogger seems like a stretch to me…

BlogMedia, Inc. acquires The Blog Herald

We’re pleased to announce that BlogMedia, Inc., a US based corporation, has acquired The Blog Herald from Duncan Riley.

Our official press release reads in part:

BlogMedia, Inc. has continued the growth of its online services division & blog network by acquiring The Blog Herald from Duncan Riley.

This is BlogMedia’€™s first acquisition of 2006 after launching its blog network in early January.

‘€œThe Blog Herald, ‘€œ said BlogMedia Senior Vice President Matt Craven, ‘€œhas a well-established history and reputation within the blog and technology communities. This acquisition allows BlogMedia to become the news destination of choice for readers seeking technology news & information about blogs, blog networks, and professional blogging.’€?

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

I wrote a little bit about our plans over at Blog Network Watch:

For us, this acquisition only made sense. We already own and operate a site for bloggers to find jobs (BloggerJobs), a site that ranks and measures blog networks (Blog Network List), a snarky opinion site about blogs (Jack of All Blogs), another blog about blogging (Blogger Idol), as well as Blog Network Watch. Not to mention that we’ve quiet launched Problogging.

Our intent is to operate the Blog Herald in much the same manner that Duncan has since its founding – reporting on news around the blogosphere and commenting on the technology that drives this strange new medium we find ourselves in.

I do want to mention that Duncan has been nothing but a class act throughout the negotiations and sale process. Also a big thanks to Aaron Brazell of b5media who assisted with the site transfer and setup. We wish Duncan the best in his future endeavors, we’ve no doubt that he will be successful. He will be a hard act to follow…

What’s going to change? Well, we plan on launching more interaction and connectivity between our various blogging sites within our network in the days and weeks to come. This will enable us to leverage the strengths of each of these sites. We also have our crack design staff looking at a facelist for The Blog Herald. In the meantime, we’ll be off blogging!

Duncan will continue to post here for the next two weeks while we transition in our team.

I’ll be serving as the principal blogger at Blog Herald once we’re settled in. If you read Blog Network Watch, then you’re familar with my blogging. I’m Matt Craven, the head of online services for BlogMedia, Inc.. We’ll have a few more bloggers joining us here shortly.

Again, I’m excited to be here at The Blog Herald – there’s much more to come….

Updates (2/26): Chartreuse with an interview with me, Blog Critics, Syntagma Media – including an interview with yours truly, Work Boxers


If you’re reading this, you’re at the new Blog Herald site.

We’ll have a formal announcement up the next 48 hours along with our vision of the site. Duncan Riley will continue to blog here for the next two weeks as we transition onboard.

For those of you that have had link exchanges in the past with Blog Herald – no worries, your link exchanges will stay in place…

More to come!

— The Blog Herald Team

The meaning of the Blogosphere is 42: So long and thanks for all the fish

deep thoughtDuncan Riley> For those of you who have never read Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy before, it is truly the pinancle of absursidisty, or some would say comedic science fiction, and yet Adams had a knack for inserting moments in his works of great philisophical value. The most famous of these being the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, which a race of hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings who built a computer named Deep Thought asked to calculate this answer. The answer, of course, was 42.

The blogosphere is no longer the domain of geeks and political junkies, in its totality it’s richness and diversity reflect all of humankind.

I’m often asked to explain what blogging is, what’s it all about, why do it, what does it all mean. Given that many would argue that we are alone in the Universe, then I provide this answer. The meaning of the blogosphere is indeed 42.
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