Don’t get too big, the advertisers will avoid you

Mike Rundle of 9rules has written a post on traffic, and b5media’€™s traffic in particular. It’€™s gotten a little heated in the comments, pies flying all over the place, but it’€™s still a good read for everyone that’€™s been thinking about stats and what they actually mean. You won’€™t find any truths, but if you didn’€™t have any doubts regarding stats before you’€™ll definitely get some.

And yes, that’€™s old news.

What got me thinking is Rundle’€™s second paragraph, where he rants a bit about Digg having trouble selling ads. I found this interesting:

The only companies that can afford to run ads on Digg are those with gigantic advertising budgets, and the companies with gigantic advertising budgets go for more mainstream sites that have a more proven return on investment.

So if the poster child for “Web 2.0” has trouble selling advertising, and “Web 2.0” is all about giving services away for free and selling ads (tongue in cheek), what hope is there for the rest of us?

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10 things for businesses to think of – so are your blog a business?

Roger Johansson (Swede like me, yay) has a blog. It’€™s called 456 Berea Street and if you haven’€™t heard of it then you’€™re either completely uninterested in web design or have been brainwashed by aliens from outer space.

He recently (uhm, today) posted about 10 things businesses should know before building a website ‘€“ and it goes for blogs as well. At least if you’€™ve got your aim set for doing some business with your blogging. Go read.

Where They Pay You To Be Popular?

No, I am not talking about high school, or some fashion runway show, but rather a social network where members compete to reach the top level in order to win $1,000.

(TechWeb) has redefined online social networks with the recent launch of a site that combines the basics of custom profiles and friend lists with competitive gaming.

Members play for social status and fortune determined by the number of profile views and the amount of money gained in “peanuts.” But at, the virtual world overlaps reality with cash prizes, modeling shoots and music deals.

Users can advance themselves by connecting to friends, uploading photo’s and watching advertisements, an ingenious way of generating revenue.

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SiliconBeat Graduates

One of my favorite blogs, Silicon Beat, a MercNews powered blog that has covered the goings on in Silicon Valley and related ventures having to do with internet, technology and Web 2.0, is closing its doors today. Matt Marshall, the primary writer at “the Beat” has begun VentureBeat (currently down) which will contain the full archive of the Silicon Beat blog which, as Matt notes in the comments, is quite remarkable.

This is a sad day for me, but I’ll subscribe to VB as soon as it is back up.

A word of advice on avoiding your own echo chamber

When attempting to establish the brand of a relatively new blog and build a community around what you’re attempting to accomplish, being rude to your commenters and generally an all-around asshat is simply not a good tactic.

And not just because it’s rude, but also because when we talk about avoiding the echo chamber, as we have here recently, it’s important to note that pushing away those that disagree with you and offer criticisms will likely force you into your own echo chamber.. one where your only commenters are those that agree with you..

And then all that you’ll hear is that echo.. echo.. echo…

Blog or Die…

Jason Calacanis lays it out:

If you are in the Internet industry and you don’t have time to blog about your product then you should quit. Go home, give up, and find another career. Your competitors are blogging about their products and talking to the market, and there is no way to compete if you don’t engage the discussion. So, by not blogging you basically are giving up and telling the market that you don’t care. That’s the honest truth.

Blog or die!

Refusing to blog today – particularly if you’re in a tech company – is just not a good business decision.

Step away from your computer … slowly

eGonzo Weekly by Martin Neumann

What is wrong with you people! Well not all people, but a quarter of a million of you folks.

This is insane, it’s so surreal and all so sad. Get outside and get a life. I Am Astounded! People are taking this seriously. Really!

Smell the roses. Get a real friend. Have a drink. Take a walk. Live life. Breathe…

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Ubergizmo goes German

Gadget blog Ubergizmo has added German to its list of languages – launch post here. The site is already available in French, Spanish, Chinese and of course English which is the main site. Since 2004 Ubergizmo has covered gadgets in a trendy way, at least that’s what their about page states. I’ve been a feed reader for a year or so and since the feed’s still in my Bloglines account, that must mean that they’re doing something right.

Branching out in new languages is something more and more blogs do. It’€™s a natural development when your growth rate starts to pan out. As the good folks at Ubergizmo put it: there are 100 million Germans…

Are pageviews obsolete? Evan Williams thinks so…

Blogger founder Evan Williams states that pageviews are obsolete.

I’m not sure that I agree with him entirely on this – unique pageviews still drive ad sales and most of the metrics that are out there for public consumption.. but the widgetization of the web and the ongoing growth of syndication technologies will make pageviews less and less important.

The best measurement for me when looking at a blog – but unfortuantely it’s so nebulous and difficult to get at – is to see if its profitable or not..

Because you can have all of the pageviews in the world.. all of the reach and growth in the world.. and all of the passion you need to be a successful blogger..

But if you’re not at least breaking even.. you’ll be out in the boneyard with the ohters that failed…

Whistleblower turns to YouTube…

An engineer at Lockheed Martin who believed that the Coast Guard’s new ships had significant security flaws turned to YouTube in order to get his story out after being rebuffed by his bosses, by federal investigators, and his congressman, according to an article in today’s Washington Post:

But when no one seemed to be stepping up to correct what he saw as critical security flaws in a fleet of refurbished Coast Guard patrol boats, De Kort did just about the only thing left he could think of to get action: He made a video and posted it on

Clearly an original way to get attention to your cause…