Use Blogging To Make Sure Justice Is Served

Jackie Danicki, who is a 29 year old American blogger living in London was recently assaulted. What did she do in response? She quickly snapped a photo of the fellow and blogged about the incident. If you live in London and are reading this, you maybe able to help Jackie out and make this world a better place by looking at a picture of the attacker over here.

If you know who this POS is, please contact British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40. The assault took place on the southbound Bakerloo line platform at Baker Street, and the abuse continued from there to Piccadilly Circus.

Aaron Brazell reviews Feedburner

b5media’s in-house tech guru Aaron Brazell has written a detailed review of feed service Feedburner over at Technosailor.

He highlights both the pros and cons of the service – and shares some information about how b5media is using Feedburner’s APIs to do some unique things:

Over the past few months, we’€™ve gotten pretty efficient at pushing Feedburner’€™s limits. For instance, we like that we can use the Feedburner API to ‘€œburn’€? new feeds directly from our automated blog installer.

I’ve enjoyed using Feedburner across our own network – their stats are first rate – and their advertising network has done a really nice job of bringing in a wide range of advertisers to our sites. They’re well worth a try if you are not using them.

Ads in the content – confusing or great money maker?

Sample of IntelliTXT ad

You’€™ve no doubt seen them, the double underlined words in the actual content that pops up a small balloony layer with an ad. There’€™s an interesting article titled Is it News’€¦ or Is It an Ad? over at the Wall Street Journal about this type of advertisement. It’€™s nothing new, but it’€™s breaking into traditional news segments, and as you all know that’€™s when you make the press.

So, sold links within the actual content, is it good or bad? It most certainly can be bad if the links are poorly fitted to the content, you see, much like Google Adsense these types of ads read your page and make certain keywords linked ads. Here’€™s an example from the WSJ article: [Read more…]

Tony Hung featured at Successful Blog

Liz Strauss’s monster Successful Blog, a part of b5media, has profiled Blog Herald blogger Tony Hung in a post today:

I asked how Tony connected with the Blog Herald ‘€” he said he suggested some topics and shortly thereafter, Matt read Tony’€™s blog and invited Tony write for them. The Blog Herald connection prompted Thord, another Herald writer, to invite Tony to be part of Bloggertalks, the hot new interview blog.

Wal-Mart sells DVD with digital download, leeching on the not so savvy

I read this story over at TechCrunch and can’€™t really get over it. In short, Wal-Mart gives you the option to buy a number of digital versions of the movie Superman Returns when you pick up the DVD. The movie download ranges from $1.97 to $3.97, it’€™s not such a huge expense, but the whole model pisses me off.

Why should I pay extra for a movie I can rerecord in any other format myself? I can’€™t get over the fact that retail (and the companies backing them, of course ‘€“ they’€™re all in the same sinking ship) still won’€™t sell me the actual license to the movie, album or whatever, and then let me do what I want with it. If I want to watch Superman Returns on my PSP, let me do that, better yet, help me, ‘€˜cause you sure can’€™t stop me from doing it so you’€™d better stay on my good side anyway.

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Pulitzer Prize now includes blogs

If this isn’€™t a great example of the ever changing world of journalism, I don’€™t know what is. The Pulitzer Prize Board, of course being the people behind the various Pulitzer Prizes, has widen their scope regarding online content in some categories. Not all though, you won’€™t get a Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography through your Flickr account’€¦

Head over to the press release and read more. It’€™s on the Pulitzer site, where you’€™ll also find entry forms if you feel especially brilliant this morning.

Now, how about a Pulitzer Prize for blogs only next?

Via Bloggers Blog

Miami To Host Social Networking Conference (Big Players Only)

It looks like most of the big boys and girls will be meeting in Miami to discuss the best ways to increase traffic, profits and ego’s (just kidding) on the ever widening industry of social networking.

(Web Host Industry Review) As the largest business event for online personals and Internet communities, the event will address issues on improving individual online business efficiency, identifying new technologies for the space, increasing Web traffic and conversion rates.

Both the Internet Dating Conference and Social Networking Conference will cover issues of business management, marketing and new technologies. Community building, advertising strategies, venture capital, software, video, user generated content, Web 2.0, metrics, mobile, idea generation and coaching will also be discussed.

Last year’s even had well over 300 executives attend the conference, and this one will probably be even larger if not the same size. The line up of speakers is thus far quite impressive, and include Markus Frind of Plenty of Fish, Eric Straus of and Susan Mernit of Yahoo! Personals.
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Some advice if your blog was dropped by Google

I don’€™t have much to add here, Darren ‘€œProBlogger’€? Rowse has a great post up on what to do if you lose pagerank with Google and the traffic drops. This is indeed (almost) life and death of many bloggers, and the issue is something to have nightmares about if you’€™re relying on search engine traffic. Which you probably are.

Darren feels your pain, if you’€™re in this situation. Go read, and bookmark; it might come in handy in the future’€¦

Bloggers vs. Professional Critics

If you’ve ever wondered what professional critics think of bloggers, you should tune into this excellent article at The Guardian The Observer (but reprinted at The Guardian). It opens up with a lengthy article about the apparent necessity of professional critics for book reviews, and catalogues a recent controversy between a particular English author and some negative reviews she got on Amazon. After that, however, it does go into some very interesting thoughts from professionals within the theater, music and film communities about their opinions about critics and bloggers. [Read more…]