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HuffPo starts spending, hires people

HuffPo starts spending, hires people

I’€™d like to say that I’€™m a regular Huffington Post reader, but being so far from where the political action is, it just don’€™t do it for me. I would love a Swedish, or European, counterpart though. That’€™s an idea, an European Edition, Ms. Arianna Huffington?

Anyway, Huffington Post got $5m in funding from Softbank Capital earlier this year, and now they’€™re starting to spend it. Melinda Henneberger is the first one to come onboard, originating from Newsweek magazine which sure sounds promising. She’€™ll in turn hire more journalists to make sure Huffington Post can cover Congress, the 2008 presidential campaign and so on. We can also expect video coverage, as well as continued syndicated material from other sources.

‘€œNow is the time to generate our own original content,’€? Ms. Huffington said. ‘€œIt was always our intention, once we had the money, to hire people to do reporting.’€?

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