Share Your Favorite WordPress Theme?

Together with a client I am working on setting up around 30 new blogs. This has meant scouring the interwebs for WordPress themes so all of these new blogs look unique and differentiated. There is only so much damage I will be allowed to do with my “mad design skills”!

It got me thinking, I wonder if the lovely and brilliant Blog Herald readers could help? Which are your favorite WordPress themes?

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Chris Pearson’s work, in particular I have written endorsing his DIYThemes Thesis, but also I love the free CopyBlogger theme, and his other themes like Cutline, Press Row and Neoclassical.

TDAge WordPress Theme

TDAge WordPress Theme

I shouldn’t leave out the TDAge theme created by Blog Herald’s resident designer that has a distinctive typographic look.

Please share your favorite WordPress theme(s) in the comments!

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  1. says

    I love the clean lines and sharp appeal of most of Brian Gardner’s themes. Some of the elements in Arthemia by Michael Jubel are nice too, particularly the four-part sidebar.

    I actually wrote a post on four blog themes I like and why on Writer’s Round-About.

    There are so many fantastic themes already available, but nothing beats having a custom theme to call your own. :-)

    Beware of adopting a theme that is loved by everyone because lots of people will use it and your blog will lose one of it’s strongest branding opportunities. You want your theme to be unique and memorable.

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    I really like the one located at Theme Zeke 10 Widgets.

    Additionally, the theme I use for my blog was initially for WordPress, but ported over to blogger. I like my theme mainly because it is simple and clean.

    Good luck, picking 30 different and unique themes definitely requires some degree of it!

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    I actually just released the theme today that I’ve been using for all of my blogs. It’s called Mocha Theme. I won’t go as far as to claim it’s better than any of the ones already mentioned, but if you are looking for a fresh look for a number of themes, it might be one way to go.

    Good luck.

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    I will stick with Thesis until something better comes around. Ease of customization and great support for the Thesis theme will make me stick to Thesis for a long time to come.

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    I like the Grid Focus theme. It’s minimalist, with a very simple structure and it’s been great for a newbie like me to really get my feet wet in css and a little php. I haven’t managed to break it yet and although there’s lots more I’d like to do with it it suits my needs fine for now.

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    I’m a Thesis Theme lover. It’s a SEO friendly theme and more importantly, it’s easy to customize the them with hook. Somemore, there is a large community talking and support this theme.

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    I started designing wordpress themes just recently. There is one I made that I have a particular fondness for, it is called Eclipse and it is a clean, clear, dark theme on a transparent background that reveals a hex-grid below it.

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