Sunday Morning SEO: Improve Your Rankings by Increasing Your Traffic

Sugarrae published an interesting study on her blog a couple months ago. It’s entitled You Don’t Need SEO to Rank in Google. It basically shows that increasing your traffic can help your rankings. Usually we think of it backwards. We do SEO to increase our traffic, but if you have a knack for attracting visitors without doing SEO, your rankings will improve as a by product. [Read more…]

WordPress News: WordPressMU Updated, WordPress 2.8 News,, WordPress Events


Some Administration Panel Redesigns in WordPress 2.8: While WordPress committed to no changes in the WordPress Administration Panels interface, there will be a few minor tweaks. In “Design Tweaks: Who’s In? (An idea in three acts),” Jane Wells explains that your help is wanted to redesign the header area of the interface. UX and design guidelines have been posted and you are welcome to have your input until Tuesday, April 27, 2009. The submissions will be offered for voting for only one day due to the pressure to get WordPress 2.8 released.

WordPress 2.8 News: The final stages of development, testing, and patching is underway for the release of WordPress 2.8. The latest news on the next version of WordPress includes: [Read more…]

Yahoo! shuts down GeoCities, pushes paid Web Hosting Service

I remember my first blog website. It was on Geocities. Sad to hear that Yahoo! is pulling the plug. But it is more of the nostalgia that adds to my sentiment. It is finally time to lay GeoCities to rest. Yahoo! does not mention an exact date, but there are always references to the latter part of the year:

Existing GeoCities accounts have not changed. You can continue to enjoy your web site and GeoCities services until later this year. You don’t need to change a thing right now — we just wanted you to let you know about the closure as soon as possible. We’ll provide more details about closing GeoCities and how to save your site data this summer, and we will update the help center with more details at that time.[Yahoo!]

What I find rather funny is how Yahoo! pushes the “award winning Yahoo! Web Hosting Service” which is an all in one paid service as the prime option for GeoCities migration. I have nothing against this — but obviously they’re not telling the public of other perfectly good (and FREE) services such as WordPress and Blogger.

Closing geocities forms part of their strategy to streamline all their services and eliminate those that don’t seem to fit in the scheme of things (i.e the closing of JumpCut in June ’09).

Farewell, Geocities. We knew thee well.

The Facebook TOS Vote Is Over: You Didn’t Vote, Did You?

I’m not the least surprised to see Facebook coming short of the 60 million votes needed in the Terms of Service pseudo-democracy stunt. Because they did, and both AllFacebook and Inside Facebook confirms it. So how many people did in fact vote?

650,000 according to said two sites. They needed 60 million.

I would’ve expected a bigger turnout, but obviously the average Facebook users isn’t too inclined to read the proposed Terms of Service. Which I can sympathize with, those are dull documents and most users just accepts and moves on. But seriously, 650,000 and you needed 60 million? That’s almost embarrassing.

I think Facebook thinks so too, but on the flipside, they did the open thing here, and no more whining when they change the TOS to earn your soul again. Because you obviously didn’t vote.

Favored, not Followers for Twitter Influence

The Electric Outlet has outlined how the shift in followers to favored tweets determines influence. And the best part is, there is a way to measure this through Google searches. Type the following in Google search:*/favourites USERNAME (note the U in favourites)

You might need to click “repeat and include the omitted results” at the page bottom. Surprised by how high or low the number is? Well don’t worry too much – a lot of people don’t use the favorites feature to its full potential.

Are the results surprising?

Google developing category filtering for AdSense ads


Google has announced that it’s launched limited beta testing of a new feature: the ability to filter certain categories of advertising so that they don’t appear on a publisher’s site at all.

Google says that this is one of the top requests from publishers, explaining:

Category filtering will give publishers the ability to block ads that fall into specific categories such as dating, religion, and politics. Regardless of how ads are targeted, they’ll be filtered if they’re within one of the selected categories. We’ll also show the percentage of recent revenue that ads in each category generate, so publishers can predict how filtering selections will impact their revenue.

[Read more…]

Amanda Congdon goes mobile with FLO TV

FLO TV Incorporated is collaborating with Amanda Congdon (remember her?) to create original made-for-mobile content and broadcast segments of her video blog “Sometimes Daily” on FLO TV.

Through this partnership, Congdon’s “Sometimes Daily” segments will be shown on FLO TV, along with original, made-for-mobile reports. FLO TV is available to AT&T subscribers as AT&T Mobile TV and through another major wireless carrier in more than 68 major metropolitan areas nationwide, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and Washington D.C.

The Bloggers Overtaking The Lawyers (Insert Joke Here)


The other day, Wall Street Journal ran a story on how there are more bloggers than lawyer in the US, making for pointy headlines and quite a bit of the wow factor for “America’s Newest Profession”. At first glance, it is an interesting piece (and at second too, really), and if you haven’t read it already, you should.

Just don’t take the numbers too seriously.

They got disputed early, and even prompted a response from Mark Penn on WSJ, which is good and all.

That being said, I think the story is interesting, and it has some points about blogging as a profession, no matter how off the numbers are. The truth is, a lot of people make money, and perhaps even a living, blogging professionally, and that brings out questions. [Read more…]