WordPress MU 2.8 Not-Really-Beta

It is not just regular WordPress that is closing in on version 2.8, the multiuser variant, called WordPress MU, is being updated as well. Donncha O Caoimh announced the changes, so far just available from the trunk, but there nonetheless.

I merged WP 2.8 beta1 and I’m fixing bugs. Please install and try it out on a test server! The get_option() and related code is using the same code as WordPress.org which is one of the main reasons I went digging into the object cache. It leans a lot more on the cache than previously. Please test!

Remember, this is not a beta and is not intended for public use, but if you like to see things break then this is your thing. Just put it on a test server. WordPress MU is what powers sites like WordPress.com, among other things. It is for blog hosts (and networks) primarily, not for users.

Twitter Really Isn’t Making A TV Show (Please Stick Around Ashton Kutcher)

Twitter isn’t making a TV show. Apparently that needs to be said twice, since the Twitter Blog posted about it again. “Just to be clear” they say, but in reality I think it is the prospect of losing Ashton Kutcher that sparked them to not just go on about the openness of the platform. Obviously it worked, he’s twittering away as usual. However, I bet we’ll see more and more of Twitter in mainstream media, which includes possible TV shows built in part around the service.

Kutcher said that he didn’t want to get stalked. Well, the openness of Twitter makes that kind of impossible. Anyone can move along with a Twitter project if they want to. Then again, they only get what you give them, Kutcher, so think before you tweet. You know, like you do before you talk…

Beware Twitter Phishers!

One of the best aspects of the Twitter toolset is the fact the team allowed external programmers access to the service so that 3rd party applications and tools could be created. The downside of course is that not everyone has end users best interests at heart, and therefore there are trojan tools out there aiming just to grab your user account details for their own nasty ends … [Read more…]

New York Times Hires a Social Media Editor

Regardless of your political leaning, you would be hard pressed to dispute the fact that the New York Times was at one point the most significant print news source on the planet.

Ravaged by accusations (and some proven cases) of plagiarism and an era of shaky old-school media, the New York Times, like many tabloids, is looking to the Web for salvation. Taking one step closer to the virtual silver bullet that isn’t, the Times announced the addition of a new position today: social media editor. [Read more…]

Movable Type Mon… er, Tuesday: Action Streams, Mac Installation, Quick Fixes, and More

Happy Tuesday, Folks! Apologies for the late post — the Memorial Day holiday here threw me off. We’ve got several things to cover this week, so let’s get right to it.

Like most weeks, Chad Everett has released an updated to his popular blog notification plugin: MT-Notifier 4.2.3. This releases fixes a problem that was causing some people to get errors, so if you were seeing those errors you should upgrade now.

Anil Dash of Six Apart published a “mini FAQ” of common issues people have with Movable Type. Anil addresses the category bug we talked about last week, as well as problems with the text editor, scheduling posts, and using the Publish Queue.

Also this past week, Beau Smith published two tutorials on his blog. First, he has a snippet of template code for only publishing entries with a future (or past) date. I’ve found this sort of thing particularly useful when using MT to publish an event calendar.

Also from Beau, a guide to installing MT on a Mac. I particularly appreciate the step-by-step instructions for installing ImageMagick. That’s a beast I’ve fought on multiple platforms, and a guide like this would have made it a lot easier. Thanks, Beau!

Finally, some new documentation for those using and developing with Action Streams. If you want to add a blog to your Action Stream, this document will show you how. And for developers, an Action Stream recipe for creating your own Action Streams plugin.

What have you done with MT lately? Let us know in the comments.

The Twitter Show That Wasn’t


Variety reports that Twitter is doing a TV show:

The San Francisco-based web phenom has partnered with Reveille and Brillstein Entertainment to develop an unscripted TV skein described as “putting ordinary people on the trail of celebrities in a revolutionary competitive format.”

Naturally, that set the blogosphere abuzz with rumors of at Twitter show, reactions and whatnot. However, it turns out that the Variety report wasn’t all that it seemed to be. A post on the Twitter Blog goes on about the openness of Twitter, how various TV networks are utilizing it, and more.

However, Biz Stone sets it all straight as well: There is no Twitter show. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have visions though. [Read more…]

Nothing to Blog About: Backlogitis

Nothing to blog about article series logoWe all have it. The email inbox reaches 1,000 unread messages like some virtual red flashing light indicator of procrastination. You’ve got 600 tweets to read and 45 DMs to respond to. Your WordPress blog is still version 2.5 and your WordPress Theme only works with WordPress 2.1. The To Do pile on your desk resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa. You’ve got Netflix movies stacked upon Blockbuster videos past due to return. And your blog is begging for a blog post.

The symptoms are all there.

You have backlogitis. [Read more…]

Bloggers Must Always Assume Everything

You’ve heard the saying before: “If you assume, you make as ass out of you and me.” But in my humble opinion, bloggers MUST assume! Everyday, every post.

ASSUME that your blog will be read by your friends, family and everybody else you have ever known.

ASSUME that if you’re writing under a pseudonym, you will be found out.

ASSUME that if you’re posting to your blog at work, your boss is on to you; it could cost you your job.

ASSUME that there’s no such thing as an anonymous comment. [Read more…]