What’s Your Blogging Personality-Type?

I recently read an article where 64 graphic designers were asked to record their Myers-Briggs personality type results. For those of you unfamiliar with The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), it asks the taker a series of questions (there are no incorrect answers) and then generates a four-letter acronym that lumps people into one of 16 personality-type categories.

An argument on the validity of the test is for another day. Plus you have to pay (anywhere between $29 – $100) to take the questionnaire. Since most of us are fiscally-challenged, let’s take an unofficial poll. Which personality type do you THINK you are? Realizing, of course, that your self-view might be off the mark.

View the 16 MBTI® Types here.

It’s a lot to read through but worth the time. The better we understand who we really are, the more realistic we can be about our goals and future plans, and that my friend, can lead to greater blogging success.

This morning I’m lumping myself in with the INTJ crowd. Do I have any company?


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    I don’t think that test makes it easier for you to really know who you are in fact I think you’re better off finding that out for yourself. That way you can truly figure out who you are instead of reading a couple of words you think suit your character and then trying to really make them suit and thinking you have to transform yourself so that you are like described. I really don’t think you should take that stuff seriously even though it can be fun sometimes to take those tests but never pay for them! haha that takes out the little fun you can squeeze out them.

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    I am an INTJ for sure. I had a chance to do the test (not officially, though) and I indeed ended up as an INTJ. The funny thing is that these people are deemed to be completely unsuitable for work in marketing or communications. I’d like to know your thoughts on that.

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    Mine is ISFP. I always love to have my own space and work within my own timeframe. I dislike arguements, and I rarely force my opinions on people I know. Very interesting information. Thanks.

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    I came out with a INFP which wasn’t a big surprise and I agree with the comment above, its ironic to be so unsuitable for work in marketing! I got more fun from making my kids and husband do the test and gained much valuable insight into their view of the World. Definitely worth doing though.

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