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5 Copywriting Software You Need for Next-Level Copy

5 Copywriting Software You Need for Next-Level Copy

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Having successful copy means you are getting your point across in a way that will drive more people to your business. To achieve that, several key factors will need to be in play, this can include copywriting software. Whether you are using a team of talented copywriters in-house or outsourcing through freelancing platforms and AI-generated, you’ll need to have these keys within.


Double-checking your facts, keeping your grammar on point, and making sure everything is always on the same page throughout your copy are important to build trust within your audience. So, if you typically say “7”, do not start saying “seven”. Keep things consistent across all forms of copy.


Always stay on top of keyword trends to make your copy easy to find for your audience and an easy click away for new traffic across your site.

Know Your Audience

Just like research is needed to have the best keywords, researching your target audience, their trends and the best ways to reach them will be pivotal in your copy success.

Easy to Understand

Eliminate any jargon from your copy to keep it easy to understand for your audience. You will always want your copy to flow naturally, rather than be difficult to read.

Using the Correct Tools for your Goals

The list below will keep you on track for all of your copywriting goals.

With all of these key factors, you will be able to better use these 5 copywriting software options to add to your marketing tactics and copywriting team. While there are a plethora of copywriting software options out there, these 5 are all easy to use and have room for growth in your company.

1. Hubspot Topic Generator

Generating topics for blog posts can create an unwanted roadblock for creating copy under a deadline. So, by using a generator, that will never be an issue again. Hubspot has a free topic generator that does not need a login, or monthly fee to help. It has a clear, easy-to-use interface designed to simply be a helping hand, no more, no less. Due to its nature, there are no advanced features, such as analysis reporting and the like.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly has proven to be a great option for spelling, grammar, and punctuation needs. There is a free option to have as a browser extension that services specifically spelling, grammar and punctuation. For more advanced features there is a paid premium plan that includes the basics plus factoring in tone, word choice, and formality level. Moreover, it is hard for a potential customer to buy products, or trust a company with constant spelling and grammar mishaps. Having a browser extension to help with that will take part of the editorial weight off of you.

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3. Coschedule 

Coschedule can give a full calendar with workflow management to keep track of marketing and copywriting teams. Businesses have the option of using just the marketing calendar or upgrading to use a full marketing suite to help with analyzing headlines, automation, email marketing, and more.

4. Canva

Using Canva to create content means being privy to thousands of templates and design ideas. With free and affordable paid plans, businesses can export media in several different formats including precut social media sizes. Canva also has an easy-to-use interface to make editing quick and easy. Using their premium plan, you can easily form a branded kit that can be used to automatically make any content fit your business practices and branding standards.

5. Ubersuggest

Neil Patel created Ubersuggest as a refined SEO and keyword search tool. There are loads of training materials provided to ensure a smooth learning curve. Also, there are several different pricing tiers, starting with a free 7-day trial. You can use it on the individual level for $12, small/medium business level for $20, or enterprise/agency level for $40 per month, respectively.


After finishing this blog, you can feel confident in adding copywriting software to your routine. While your software journey doesn’t have to end with this list, you now have a firm foundation to take your copywriting team to the next level.

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