Facebook Co-Founders Donate Big Money In Support Of Marijuana Legalization

Sean Parker - Facebook Co-Founder

Sean Parker, a co-founder of Facebook and the inventor of Napster and Dustin Moskowitz, another Facebook co-founder, have donated $170,000 in support of California Proposition 19, a pro-pot measure.

According to CNet Parker donated $100,000, while Moskowitz added $70,000 to the coffers of pro-marijuana supporters.

While Parker and Moskowitz are no longer with the company, they have both earned millions of dollars from their ownership stakes in the world’s largest social networking website which is valued upwards of $34 billion.

Sean Parker’s large donation came just after the “Yes on 19” campaign committee announced that they were running low on funds in the final weeks leading up to the bills vote.

You may recall that several “pro pot” groups had recently went on the offensive when Facebook tried to restrict their freedom of speech.

The biggest donation? A six figure offering from Phil Harvey, an adult entertainment mogul.

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