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Personalized Pencils and Pens: The Best Places to Find Them

Personalized Pencils and Pens: The Best Places to Find Them

The Best Places to Find Personalized Pencils and Pens

Finding quality personalized pencils, pens, and other everyday accessories can feel like a bit of a challenge. It is important to get exactly what you want since it will have a name, phrase, or even company logo on it. Attention to detail is key. You’ll want something that does not break the bank. At the same time, you’ll want something high enough quality to stick around as long as you want it to.

There are several sites that can help with the search for the perfect customization. From small businesses to mass distribution factories, the Internet has something for everyone. Whichever option is best for you, will give you the perfect touch to your writing and business endeavors.

Etsy – Personalized Pencils and Pens

Etsy is the place to find any and all small businesses. Customization is one of the most popular forms of small business on Etsy. From monograms and sublimation to t-shirt printing and vinyl cutting, you are sure to find variety. The biggest factor when buying from a small business is that you actually get to see the impact it makes as you see their sales go up, and more often than not you will get a personalized note or message after ordering. With Etsy, the buyer typically has a lot of control over the customization process. The site is structured by highlighting thousands of small businesses. This way they give open lines of communication with sellers through chat functions.

Amazon Handmade

As we all know, Amazon is typically known for its fast turnaround time and convenience. However, Amazon Handmade is a corner of the website that many people do not know about. It can be found by typing it into the web, or through the standard Amazon website. If on amazons website, you can go over on the left-hand side to all and then click shop by department. Handmade will be an option on that list. You can be ready to shop all of the hand-crafted products offered.

Vistaprint – Personalized Pencils

Vistaprint is a great option for businesses and large groups. Both can get branded or customized pens and pencils for their office or next function. The company was made popular by high quantity custom orders. What some may not know is that Vistaprint also has affordable options for small-batch orders as well. There are many pens that can be sold as singular pens and pencils while still having the option to customize.


While it is not technically a pen or pencil in the traditional sense, Apple Pencils have endless options to be customized. The iPad is constantly gaining popularity from people who have gotten rid of their planners and notepads from the past and are going 100% digital. Apple Pencils give them the opportunity to keep the skill of writing, and keep it personal, rather than having everything in type font.

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Apple Pencils can be customized by Apple when they are purchased, or through almost any website I have already mentioned. The fun thing about Apple Pencils is that they can be easily personalized with decals and skins, which is a less permanent form of customization so that it can change as often as you would like it to.

Shop Small – Personalized Pencils

Chances are fair that you will have a small business in your town that will take orders for customization and personalization on various products. See your nearest stationery store, gift shop, or even a locally-owned office supply store. The turn-around time may not be as quick as a larger scaled business with plenty of resources, but it is always nice to give back to your community if there is ever a way to. The circumstances are not always aligned to support small businesses, as there are so many variables depending on location, but taking the time to search your nearby areas can help your local small business without even buying anything due to the site traffic.


No matter who or what you use to buy personalized pens or pencils, the extra detail will go a long way. The options are endless between big-name companies, local businesses, and handmade shops online. Taking your writing accessories to the next level will give your job or hobby not only a makeover but a constant reminder of why you are doing what you are doing.

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