Facebook Needs Better “User Verification” As “Kate Middleton” Account Is Suspended

Kate Middleton Facebook Suspension - But Not The "Real" Middleton

Kate Middleton Facebook Suspension - But Not The "Real" Middleton

Let’s take a second away from the very serious business of social media technology and talk about the absurd nature of Facebook policies. Mark Zuckerberg is a very smart guy, but apparently his team isn’t. A lady in England who happens to have the name Kate Middleton was outraged this week to find out that her account was completely disabled because Facebook staff thought she was an imposter.

According to All Facebook, Middleton (the not famous one) said of her plight:

“I still can’t get on,” and “On Thursday I was logged in all day as usual. Then I went out with friends and got a call from my partner saying he couldn’t see me on there any more. Later when I tried to log in again I got an error message that said it had been disabled.”

Impersonation accounts have been removed from Facebook at record numbers over the last several months and various real users with stars names have been in that line of fire, leading to some pissed off site visitors who’s accounts have been wrongly disabled. [Read more…]

3 WordPress Habits That Make Hackers Happy

Despite rumors proclaiming the contrary, WordPress is actually a very secure CMS platform utilized by millions of users around the world.

Unfortunately its immense popularity makes the software a prime target for hackers, similar to how Facebook and Twitter are prime targets since “everyone” is using them.

While there are more advanced measures that users should take when securing your WordPress site, here are the 3 most common habits I see practiced by some WordPress users that may set ones blog up to be hacked. [Read more…]

Is Your Blog Mobile-Ready?


Do you use your hand-held gadget and mobile phone plans to research future blog posts? Or, are you more the type who likes to promote your articles on the go? Most bloggers tend to do both.

But is your blog mobile-ready?

With more and more readers accessing blogs via mobile device (we see this when we crunch our stats at Splashpress Media HQ), we also want to know if your blog is mobile-ready. While there are some nifty WordPress plugins out there that make adapting your site a cinch, there are people out there who believe that a mobile version of your blog is unnecessary.

I was chatting with a marketing buddy of mine and she brought up several interesting points that suggested that making your blog mobile-ready is a waste of time. Some of here reasons include: if you simply adapt what you currently have, you tend to lose your branding; you only end up promoting the most recent posts; you’ll be less likely to convert readers into subscribers; and the odds of the reader performing any other action other than reading is slim. [Read more…]

Foursquare Reaches 6 Million Users, Brags About It With Infographic

Foursquare Infographic Header

Foursquare Infographic Header

I’m not a fan of location based services, in my opinion it’s an invitation for crooks to realize you’re not at home and then rob you while your at dinner. Also, my messages would show how pathetic I really am, “I just checked into my couch for the 50th time this week” would not make for the most interesting Twitter and Facebook updates.

On the other hand, 6 million users find location based services a big win with Foursquare announcing today that they now have 6 million mayor wannabees roaming around with their mobile devices and computers, checking in at every chance they get.

To go along with the company’s success they have created a chart that shows how they have achieved 3400% growth in a very short time. No that isn’t a typo, they have really grown by 3400 percent.

Here’s the Infographic cut up into each highlighted section: [Read more…]

RSS Isn’t Dead, Just Ask Google Reader Fans


It seems like every year or so there are proclamations that RSS is dead thanks to Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr, despite the fact that every social network incorporates RSS within their respective platforms.

Apparently there was some controversy after the Google Reader link within Gmail was replaced with Picasa Web Albums recently. After an enormous outcry erupted on Twitter, Google decided to apologize for the swap by calling it a mistake.

The Reader link at the top of Gmail (and other sites) was accidentally removed. It’s coming back soon, we promise. Don’t panic. (via @GoogleReader)

While it’s understandable why the search engine giant replaced the Google Reader link (as the company is probably trying to boost Picasa’s numbers), it’s even more surprising that users were outraged enough to force Google to bring back the link.

Although most people that I know receive most of their info from Facebook or Twitter,  the fact that there is a sizable crowd passionate about RSS feeds (or at least feed readers) is a good sign for the blogosphere as the latter gives them yet another avenue to monetize their content.

Bloggers and Business Owners: Starting Your Year Right


A new year has come again, and it’s the perfect time to start things right. Many of us may have made handfuls of mistakes last year, but this year signals an opportunity to realign things, to put them in order, and to begin anew. However, things left unfinished last year should not remain untouched; this new beginning is the best path we could take to fix or complete these things.

Some bloggers act like they’re celebrities in the blogging world. They divulge full details about their life and business. There is nothing wrong about that, since blogging is always personal and it is up to you to say and write whatever you want.

As a businessperson who blogs, it is unavoidable for me to reveal some details about what is happening inside my business. Many of my secrets are disclosed as I reply through threading comments, which I found harmless as long as the message is delivered in words that will not hurt my business strategy. However, I am not the type who announces everything about my business. I suggest leaving your serious mistakes as secrets, and having them fixed while delightfully continuing blogging.

As a blogger, I believe that you don’t have to delete your old posts or your whole blog to begin anew. Perhaps you can write a post to announce your excitement to do business. Excite your readers with your optimistic posts. Let them feel that something new is about to happen to your business. As a customer, it’s always good to hear something new about a certain store or product. [Read more…]

Sean Parker Calls ‘The Social Network’ A Work Of “Fiction”

Sean Parker - Facebook "The Social Network" Talk

Sean Parker - Facebook "The Social Network" TalkNapster creator and Facebook co-founding President Sean Parker wants everyone to know that while he loves the movie The Social Network it’s a complete work of fiction.

At the DLD Conference 2011 in Munich, Parker told the audience that the movie is a “complete work of fiction.”

If you watch the video below Parker begins talking at 5:20 and says he loves the production value of the film, but that his character was portrayed in a false light:

“The part of the movie that frustrated me is actually the scene at the end where the character played by Justin Timberlake — who happens to have my name — basically writes a check to Eduardo – who I’m also, I consider Eduardo a friend of mine, and I’m one of the few people at Facebook who still interacts with Eduardo – and throws it in his face and has security escort him out of the building. And I mean, that’s just rude. This guy in the movie is a morally reprehensible human being.”

Here’s the video: [Read more…]

UberMedia Buys UberTwitter, Seeks Mobile Tweet Domination


The company formally known as PostUp (who was originally founded as TweetUp) has acquired UberTwitter for an undisclosed some of money.

PostUp, the social media platform founded by Internet entrepreneur Bill Gross, announced that it has acquired UberTwitter, the leading Twitter client on the BlackBerry platform. PostUp also announced that it is changing its company name to UberMedia.

“Twitter has rapidly grown to be the most significant real-time communications medium on the planet,” said Bill Gross, CEO of UberMedia. “Our goal is to be the best partner to Twitter in enhancing the Twitter ecosystem, and to provide innovative ways for Twitter users to share and consume content.” (Official UberTwitter Blog)

UberTwitter became a popular third party client upon Blackberry devices, and the company even launched an iOS app in November of 2010 (which they’ll probably shut down now as they already own Echofon for iOS).

UberMedia’s strategy seems to be geared towards purchasing popular third party Twitter clients in order to serve ads upon them (at least for the free versions).

Thus far UberTwitter has not yet announced plans on acquiring any other app companies upon other mobile platforms (like Windows Phone 7 or even webOS) although hopefully the company will finally settle on a name instead of changing it after every acquisition. ;-)

(Hat Tip: TechCrunch)

New Twitter Exploit Takes Advantage Of Google URL Shortener Service

Twitter Safety Account - Malware Warning Tweet

Twitter Safety Account - Malware Warning Tweet

A quick warning for Twitter users today, a new Twitter worm exploit has been discovered that uses the Google URL shortener service, sending users to fake antivirus sites.

The worm works by sending users through a goo.gl link to a site that offers a service called “Security Shield” which is in fact a piece of malware.  The malware as detected by Sophos virus scans is called Troj/FakeAV-CMG.

Twitter is aware of the worm and their safety account claims they are “working to remove the malware links and reset passwords on compromised accounts.”

If you’ve followed a Goo.gl link in the last 24 hours, I would recommend running a full system scan and changing your Twitter password as soon as possible. [Read more…]

Movable Type Sold Off To Japan?

It looks like the fate of Movable Type is no longer in American hands as Say Media has announced that they are selling Movable Type to an IT firm located in the land of the rising sun.

As part of this new strategic focus and our commitment to reinvigorate the TypePad business, SAY Media has agreed to sell Six Apart’s wholly owned Japanese subsidiary, Six Apart KK (“SAKK”), and with it the Movable Type (“MT”) publishing platform, to Japanese IT services company Infocom. There will be no change to Movable Type’s future development as a result of this transaction.

Under the terms of this agreement, SAY Media is selling 100% of SAKK shares to Infocom, as well as complete control and ownership of Movable Type intellectual property. In addition, Infocom and SAKK will now hold all rights to the SixApart name. (Official Say Media Blog)

Say Media has not disclosed how much Infocom paid to acquire Movable Type, although Infocom’s press release does provide more details regarding the acquisition (note: they mention 10 million worth of capital which I assume is in Yen not US dollars).

As far as Typepad goes, Say Media is going to pour its efforts into revitalizing the platform which they see as critical towards their strategy of becoming a major ad platform within the blogosphere.

While Movable Type’s future as a major publishing tool may diminish in the future (at least outside the shores of Japan), their exodus could open the door for their cousin Melody (the latter which is starting to show promise despite being in beta).