Britney Spears First Google+ User To Reach One Million Circles

Filed as News on December 16, 2011 6:20 pm

Britney Spears Google Plus Page

Britney Spears on Friday became the first Google+ celebrity to officially surpass the one million circles milestone.

The find, made by The Next Web also reveals that Spears is the most followed person on Google+

Based on current numbers and the time since her page went live she’s literally receiving thousands of new followers every single hour of the day.

While Britney has the most fans on the service his content is hardly the type of marketing genius we would have hoped to find from a leading Google+ user. For example here’s her most recent Google+ update: 

Still glowing! About to jump on a plane to Planet Hollywood in Vegas. Throwing a Bday Party for Jason at Chateau Night Club. So fun. Xxoo

Basically Britney Spears is using Google+ as an extension of her Twitter account.

Are you surprised to learn that Britney has become so popular on Google+?

Britney Spears Google Plus Page

Her “it’s Britney bitch!” slogan for her Google+ profile is just as annoying as the messages she leaves.


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